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Fathers fare share

Are you a divorced father? Do you feel like you are being over charged on Child support or Alimony? Is the government garnishing your wages to the extreme? I know what you are going through and I am here to put a stop to all this.I am a 45 year old divorced father of 3, my monthly Child support total is $954.00 and my monthly Alamony is $500.00 Thats a total of $1454 a month. I pay another $1600 a month in taxes so much that I recieve less than the tax man and less than I pay in support!The Child Support inforcement agency is demoralizing me they are humiliating me and now they are actively attacking my perfect credit report because of court errors and because of computer errors. They say I am behind almost $5,000.00. There is no cost of living adjustment for me. My gross pay this year is $50,000.00 and my net pay was $15,000.00. I believe in paying child support but this is a gross neglect of my earned wages and I am incapable of paying lawyer fees,credit debts, and just out-right cost of living expenses.I can barely afford to drive to work if you can relate to my storyPlease e-mail me with your story and help me get a petition started to send to the supreme court to make an adjustment that is a reasonable amount for all those concerned