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Talking Heads: 77

By: John Domini 

About the Author
John Domini has published fiction in Paris Review, Ploughshares , and elsewhere, as well as in anthologies. Three of stories have made Honorable Mention for the Pushcart Prize, and his first collection Bedlam, was listed in Library Journal as one of the best books on a small press that year. His first Red Hen Press collection is Highway Trade. He has placed non-fiction in GQ, the New York Times, and many other places, and is currently at work on both a novel and a non-fiction project.

Book Description
The novel is exuberant, stylishly written, and nearly pops at the seams with a rich and diverse cast of characters including a drugged-out denizen of the deep, the idealistic editor of a political rag, a pony- riding Boston Brahmin intent on finding herself and shedding her husband, an up and coming punkster who fancies evenings at the Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxilary, an editorial assistant named Topsy Otaka, a single mother with problems, corrupt politicos, you name it. Full of warmth and humor, Talking Heads: 77 is a rollicking ride of a read. (description by Frances Sherwood)

Book Reviews:
Janice Eidus from New York, New York United States John Domini does it again. He's the real thing, and we really do need more writers like him. In this novel, he creates a topsy turvy world featuring a large, colorful cast of characters, and composed of healthy doses of politics, subterfuge, literature, journalism, and sex, and somehow ties everything together with style, wit, and intelligence. There are no loose ends, and his characters are memorable -- originals, all of them. With this exploration of the seventies, Domini shows us how deeply he cares about the state of the world as it is now, and those of us who inhabit it.

Angie Hume from St. Paul, Minnesota I'd like to thank Mr. Domini for providing me with several of the most enjoyable hours I've experienced in quite a while. I was in St. Paul this past weekend for our annual family reunion, and had packed myself lots of reading material for the occasion. Last night (just moments after finishing Chabon's KAVALIER AND CLAY)I picked up TALKING HEADS. And I didn't put it down until I had finished the last page. What a ride. SO many stories, yet I found myself caring -- genuinely caring! -- about each. From the very beginning, I was cheering for Kit and Bette, hoping they would be okay in the end. (Who wouldn't cheer for Kit, who just wants to fix people and things?) The prison basement/junior encounter in chapter three is just incredible. What I love about this novel is that I, as the reader, didn't have to work for a thing -- action, suspense everywhere, in every kind of way. The story just feeds and feeds its reader. I didn't have to muck (no pun intended) through a single moment in order to get to an exciting, climactic part of the story -- and there were many of these. A pleasure to read. Beyond this, I loved how I was provided with a glimpse -- a very convincing glimpse -- into the lives of the novel's characters. Junior's mother and brother, Zia, Bette, Corinna -- I believe in and care about each of these people. I found myself wanting to hear about their lives -- every last one of them! Domini's prose is quirky, chaotic, abrupt, crude (in a ragged edge sort of way). Yet I know that he knows exactly what he's doing. It's incredible, really. I'm a fan, John. After just several pages, I was long gone, completely wound up, lost inside of it.

Reader, you're in for a treat.