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This is a survey I have come up with about my portfolio, which is about rabbits. Please do not leave any unanswered, as this will mess up the results. If you are interested in the results, I will have them when I am done my portfolio.

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Please enter your name (you don't have to, however)                               

Please enter your email (again, you don't have to)                                    

Do you own a rabbit?                                                                                    

Did you have one in the past?                                                                      

How fast do you think a domesticated rabbit can run?                              

Do you think it is healthy for a domesticated rabbit to be randomly fed?

Which two senses are very acute in a rabbit?                                            

Thank you for completing my survey! In the meantime, you can check these sites for some cool stuff:

My web site! I'm BTTF_Man on it, and BTTF in the chat room.

Vipersoft Runescape/General-Purpose Message Board