The electric system on my two Karas is pretty simple. Let's start with the Mudbuddy Kara. The first year, I used one of those batteries that you plug into a cigarette lighter to start your car if the car battery is low. It didn't last. This year, I replaced it with a motorcycle battery. All you need is a few amps to run a bilge pump and running lights, so this works fine and will fit under the deck. I needed to design and build a battery holder, that would allow the battery to be easily removed for charging, but would also keep it rock stable. The holder I made from 1/2" pressure treated plywood does the trick. I use a trailer light connector to hook the battery to the boat's electric system. That way, it's a cinch to unhook it and charge it. Here's the holder:

I don't remember the exact dimensions. The small stips that form a box on the bottom are 1" wide. There's a gap in these strips for the keel. I glued stips of carpet on the bottom so there's no scratching the paint removing the battery and holder.

Bungee cord holds the battery to the holder. Once under the deck, the battery won't move unless you move it.

I have a 5 amp minifuse with an inline holder in the main line, then run it to a bank of switches in the corner of the Kara. I put it in the aft starboard corner, but it ought to be in the aft port corner. You'll be leaning into the aft starboard corner while driving your mud motor if you have one. The little switch box is made from 1/8" plywood glued then glassed together, is then screwed into the corner with stainless screws, and sealed with silicone sealer. The hose under the switch box is from the bilge pump. You see I've glued carpet on the top rim of the cockpit. This area takes a lot of dings. I also glued a little carpet on the aft inner cockpit, because you're always leaning and rubbing on this area and it has to be repainted frequently.

Well that's it. Later I'll take a picture of the trolling motor battery holder for the electric boat. That's a cinch, though.

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