Josh's Page

Oooh Josh I think he is the best memeber of the band.. hey maybe because its me. Well I play the good old bass lines in our nice little punk band. Ok so I Guess I should tell ya a little bit about me. Well I really got into music about 4 years ago..ahh the good 'ol days. I got my first guitar about 3 years ago when i was a sophmore, it was a crappy little hundred dollar Johnson acoustic. I taught myself how to play and drove my parents crazy in the process. Soon aftar I went crazy tring to gobble up ever type of music i could. I met Dan back in freshman year and just thought the guy was hilarious, I bothered him so much about starting a band and i knew i was right cause look were we are now! I had known of Frank since last year with his old band, I was so jellous thankfully they kicked him out but i wont go there maybe he will. I came across Mr. Gabe this year in "rock band" class..ohh Yeah!! He's just awesome we had to have him. Ok yeah I think my page is long enough, its not like anyones going to read it all