After Frank was kicked out of "Blindstock" he was left alone without anyfriends (really no friends at all). Well he met Dan in second period, and made his first friend after the big brake (to make it clear how loner he was...even he's girlfriend left him)"Dan is the fuckin' greatest person you'll ever meet" quotes frank "He's awesome". They were both band needee, so they decided to start a band, Dan for the chicks, and Frank to get back at his friends, by writting songs about them. Well the original name was "Another Day Tomorrow" meaning to get over things, its gonna be another day tomorrow. Later on they heard Gabe playing drums, and they fell in love with him. So Gabe joined the crew. Josh was in second period with them, only Josh played guitar. Now, a band without a bissist sucks cojones, but no bassist were around, so Rob was asked to play bass. He played in the band until the battle of the bands came around, the rules strickly said no one over 21, and Rob was over 21. So Rob was kind and let Josh play bass. Josh was a guitarest, but decided to pick up a bass and never but it down. That's pretty much the story. Who ever writes the song sings it. So don't beleive the little people when they tell you that Frank is the lead singer. There is no lead singer. I rest my case.