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     I am working to develop a place to combine all the things I loved about this scene. Tektronica is a place where I want to bring together all aspects of turntables. Anything rocked by a table should be included here. The electronic/hip-hop music scene is filthy with drugs and bad vibes. I strive to bring it back to the days when people just went for the music. My crew went to millions of raves and parties. It seems throughout it all we took the best experiences of our lives and developed on them. Now with the industry fading and losing meaning itís time we stepped back and fixed the problem. Sadly enough when you tell someone about Raves or Dance, they think one thing. ďMan there must be a lot of ecstasy used huh?Ē This is now what itís about. It will take time but with enough support I will strive to bring it back to the music. I am also working on an idea for a business which I hope Tektronica will help me start.

     The industry for electronic music is relatively big. There are hundreds of products involving music equipment, clothing, CDís, records, and lighting effects. Each category would have its own break down for products to sell.

     A lot of people sell turn tables or vinyl records. As time goes on and we progress into the digital age vinyl may not hold grounds. They have done many things to make digital turntables sound and act very similar to the style of vinyl. I have talked to many DJís who were even impressed on how similar the sounds of digital tables matching vinyl. Today many DJís shun the use of digital due to the roots of and history of vinyl but slowly digital is working its way into being a club standard. Go into any Club or D.J. event and look at the transition of the industry from things such as vinyl to digital I need to keep on top of whatís wanted. To top off the selling of these products to DJís you also have the party attendees who buy the music CDís, clothing, lights, party tickets, and other items. There is a huge market since one rave or party event sells out to at least a thousand people.

     Now I am not going to bring all this together right away as it does take time. I do plan on Producing Music and using the art of DJ to bring me close to me vision. Hell we all need to have something to look forward to. Mad props to all the people who will guide us along the way!