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Hey, well my art goes back to my mum, who is a talented casual artist in her own right. I am 17 (yay!) and I live in the most uneventful place in the world, Tasmania. I have a fairly big branched out family, but I tend to keep myself contained in my bedroom creating art.
My influences come from many people, my art teachers at school: Katy Woodroffe, Helene Weeding, Paul Snell and the loveable Alex Pitt. (who I miss alot of!)
Locally, Tasmania's art facilities are improving, and becoming more respectable. Now being in the final years of high school I am starting to get involved with the outside world of art as I want to either head down to Hobart's Art School or daringly swim across the Bass Strait to R.M.I.T College in Melbourne.
Local influences are Racheal Gates, she's a Hobart based artist who sketches famous musicians in a state called "Unguarded Moments" - very nice.
My ambition lies somewhere in art I hope. I love music (as my close friends would know) and my art, so in some ways I want to combine both. Perhaps looking at music clip directing or poster art...something commercialised I reckon.
Keep checking back to see new art work.