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Ultra Dating Mania

Welcome to Dating Mania. This is a free service. Any users agree to their details (no names or other identifiers) to be used in a thesis about dating/introduction agencies for a Popular Culture major.

Any interested parties should send an email to the below address. You will receive a questionnaire. Please complete and send back. I will match prospective dates and return email.

This is a new site. Please allow time for your match to be generated. The only thing I ask in return is that you fill in a questionnaire about your experiences (whether the match was suited to you, whether you actually met in person, etc.). These experiences will be used in the thesis. And, again, no identifying information will be used. Applicants may submit only their first name if they choose and need not give their address or phone number.

Profiles and other information are stored with the web owner. They will not be linked on the website for anyone to peruse. As I said, ALL information is confidential.

Thank you for your interest.