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IF YOU ARE USING OUR SET IT IS FINE TO USE OUR HTML CODING...but it is ONLY for those who are using this set.  Our layouts are designed by us for our users.  Out tiles, animations, graphics, etc., may NOT be taken by anyone to use to construct other page layouts, etc.

Moon And Back Graphics:

You NEVER have to use the title we put on the set nor do you have to use the page layout we do.  You never have to use ALL the pieces we display with a set. OF COURSE IT IS MANDATORY THAT YOU USE OUR LOGO AND LINK BACK TO OUR SITE.  We just ask that you do not mix sets together, or alter the graphics that come with the set.  If you are new to MOON AND BACK please read our full



If you have received permission to use Ms. Pucillo's poetry or Ms. Harrell's music you are welcome to use these logos.  (they may be used on any of our pages where you feature either of their work)  Of course you do not have to use either their music or poetry.  We place it on all our pages for your viewing enjoyment as you browse.

Performed by 
Margi Harrell
Please feel free to visit her wonderful site right HERE.
This midi along with more wonderful compositions and/or performances are available at Ms. Harrell's site on CDs. If you wish to use her music on your personal web site you must contact Ms. Harrell

ŠJan 1, 2004