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Picture Gallery 2

Here are some pics of my girlfriend and I and a few of our friends.

Isnt she adorable?

Silly Rabbit

This was a kewl one

Yep Shes Mine

Yeah I look pissed

But I'm so cute tho!

Ugh! Yeah... I'm alil drunk

A more recent one of me

One of my best friends (Wilma) and I at the last holloween run

Curt, Wilma, Sherry & Marty, BuzzardRun 2002

Cindy & Hank, Roy, Coop, And Curt's cute butt

Sherry drunker than me! *lol*

Sandy Soo Groovy

Larry found something!

Such a cute couple eh?

I had to throw this one in *lol*