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Welcome To The Back Of My Mind

Alittle bit about my self?

Hola, Hey Hi I'm Sam, I'm 20, really short, pretty bald, very colorful, and silky smooth too. Dont like me? I dont care cause I like me. I'm from south Tx but have been to many states... Even including my current state of mind. I love the color blue in all its diversities, my girlfriend believes blue monkeys are after her, and I am best described by the word "monkey". dont ask me to make sense because I believe thats just senseless... But since your here and still reading what I'm writing, the sensible thing to do would be, sincerely trying to think of something to say. I dont care about too much because it just gives me a headache, but dont take me too seriously because I'm really just seriously disturbed.

My heart beating, screaming... Yelling out poems of desperation, Perspiration like blood, bleeding all over this hard wood floor.


Thank you for visiting my page!

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