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My Home Page

~Smile~ I want to run to you when I'm scared and when I'm feeling lonely. I want to feel your arms around me and your breath on my neck. I want to be held by only you. I want to dance with you until I get tired the fall into your arms. I want to sleep next to you forever. I want to share my dreams with you. I want to hold your hand and never let it go. I want to get to know you more so I can make your dreams come true and make you smile. But I know your dreams and they don't include me in them, but thats ok I wish you well, anyway. And though I may have dreams of us being together they soon will pass. She's a lucky girl, yes she is to have you. I just like to be near you don't care if you don't feel the same becuase I'm just glad I met aguy like you. You always bring a smile to my face. 10/23/03

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