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Hi there! This is a site for my Sailor Moon Dollz, which I made using a KiSS Viewer and a Generator from

12.1.04- Updated the Original Senshi.

1.1.04- Happy Holidays! ^_^

26.11.03- Put up the 'Games' Section, but more will be coming soon.

19.11.03- Hey there, I put up a 'Hints' and 'Tips' page for the Sims Makin' Magic - a v. cool game - and I'm thinkin of putting up some of the cheats too...

16.11.03- Put up the Original Senshi, hmm, you might want to compare them to the ones made by the webmistresss...

11.11.03- Wow. My first site. I've been wanting to do one of these ever since I finished Computing (wow, how nerdy does that sound?), so, here I am! Wish me luck!

Original Senshi
My Versions

Games and other fun things
Hints and Tips for Makin' Magic