Music Videos

I've recently gotten into the whole video editing scene in the past year or so. I've only completed a handful of videos, but I constantly working on a new one. You can take a look at a few that I've finished.

Parker Video

This was one of my first completed videos. It is a tribute to the character of Parker on the show "Radio Free Roscoe". She was always so wild and crazy and you just had to love her. Take a look.

Me and my piano teacher

This is me and my piano teacher. She's so great! This was at the end of the end-of-year recital. She has always pushed me to do my best and has encouraged me to pursue a music major. Ok, enough of my droning on, here it is!

Me and my piano teacher

Last but not least, here' again! *sweat* I'm at home...and once again I was wasting film. Hmm...I seem to like to do that alot. Anyways, I had just gotten back from a great day at the mall. (Scary that I can remember that far back, huh?)