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Don't Stand So Close To Me
Sunday, 25 September 2005
Introduction time
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: Happy Days is playing on the tv
Well hello everyone! I've gotten myself a new blog! Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Alisha. I'm a theatre major in her second year of college. I know I want to do something in the perfoming arts once I graduate. If I don't, I'll be sad forever. Really, it's true. And no one wants a sad Alisha. *nods*

Let's see, what else? It's kind of late (after 4 am) so I'm not really thinking straight, but I'm not really sleepy enough to go to sleep yet. I've got a feeling I'll be sleeping in awfully late tomorrow. ^.^;; But I did finish the music video I was working on tonight. So I've finished my second Radio Free Roscoe themed one. I will start putting the ones I've completed up on here. Then maybe I could get some feedback on them since I'm really just starting out.

Anyways, I know that wasn't a great introuduction, but that'll have to do for now. You'll find out more about me as you keep reading my blog. Can't give away all the mystery in the first post. ;P So later days everyone!

Posted by ultra/chibi_bunny at 4:14 AM EDT
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