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A *Requested* L/Z story
Emotion Torture

1- Reunion
2- Day One(1of2)
3- Day One(2of2)
4- Day Two
5- Day Three

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Story Chronology

This is my fifth finished story. Again, it is a Slayers fic, but this time, instead of revolving around Lina and Gourry (if they ever did) this is most definitely a Lina/Zel fic. An acquaintance of mine suggested that I try my hand at L/Z, as that was her favorite coupling. And so, my thought process began. Before long, the first chapter was out and readily accepted.

Story Background

Well, for this story, Lina and Zel start out alone, but meet up again at a town after several years. Lina tells Zel that she had a huge offer for him, and that he should come with her to see/get it. After finding out the information, Zel readily accepts. From there, they go on an epic journey of the mind in a matter of three days. I'll let my story fill in the gaps.

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