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Ultra Chaos Blast

Story Chronology
This is the seventh story that I've written for strangers to see. My first six were fanfiction stories, so that makes this my first original story. Well, this time, my family insisted that instead of just writing fanfiction, I should write a story with my own storyline and characters. Eventually I gave in, and began brainstorming ideas. I'm not sure how I exactly thought of it, but I seemed to like the notion of a world where "all your dreams come true, but then, your nightmares do too." Maybe I just like corny rhyming. ^_~

Story Background
My story first centers around three triplets, but eventually becomes about only one of them. When her two sisters are taken away from her by godly forces, Haruna must make a perilous journey across a land where her condition, narcolepsy, ends up working for her. Along the way, she makes friends with her worst enemies from school, who accidentally come along for the ride. I know it's a bit cliche, but nowadays, what isn't?

Main Characters
There are five characters that you will get to know fairly well. First is Haruka Shouri, a tomboyish but still amazingly pretty fighter. She mastered 11 different styles of fighting during her adoption period of an old dojo family. Next is Haruki Shouri, a two-faced, smart-mouthed inventor. She'll be nice and helpful to those she trusts, but colder than ice to those that she doesn't. Haruna, the last of the triplets, is a very generous, loving cook. She's the cream of the crop in Home Ec., but a spud in P.E., perhaps because of her sleepy condition of narcolepsy. Fourth is a gothic player, but deep-inside nice guy, Anrui Nanashi. He tries to get dates with all of the pretty girls, but can't score with the prettiest in the school, the triplets. Finally, Kyoko Gentsuki attempts to bully the triplets, but can't win. However, her obnoxiously annoying attitude towards them ticks the fighter off the most.

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