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My Musings, My Rants

Here is where my ranting shall begin.
Some say, I have quite interesting points.
Others think I have too much time on my hands if I'm thinking about this sort of thing.
Think what you will, but it won't stop me from putting up my insights.

Pokemon Problems

A: Food: Real or Pokemon?

The humans in the world of Pokemon eat things like hamburgers and steak, right? Well, where does the meat come from? I doubt very much that they'd use actual cows, as they don't exist in this world. However, that can only mean that humans eat pokemon- Miltank to be more exact. We see Ash Ketchum eat meat by the mouthfuls. He claims that Pokemon and humans should be friends, and yet he knows no restraint when eating them. As for Prof. Oak, on occasion we see him eating tofu, but I have yet to see a time when he has ever eaten actual meat. I therefore believe that Prof. Oak knows this to be true, and thus avoids it.

B: Food: Species for Name

"Pikachu I choose you!" This might be a typical thing to say when choosing a pokemon, usually right before a battle begins. Although, I have to ask, if there is more than one Pikachu in your possession, how do they know which one you're referring to? This brings me to my point: Why do so many humans insist on calling Pokemon by their species name? It's not like humans call other humans "Human", so why should we call a Pikachu "Pikachu"? I think Richie knew this, so he personalized his own pokemon by naming them. Unlike Ash and co. who insist on being so general with their pokemon that they don't even give them proper names.

Slayers Problems

None at the Moment

World Problems

A: War in General

What's up with society these days? Wars are erupting all over the place, but especially in the Middle East. As I know it, Palestinians and Israelis are fighting over the right to live on the Holy Land. This is stupid btw since if they were as holy as the land was supposed to be, they would be able to share it. But nooo...the world is full of selfish, greedy b**tards.
Then there's that thing with the US and Iraq. Can't tell if that's over yet, but I believe the US is in a way 'converting' the Iraqis from their past laws so that they have American freedom, basically. Tch. What's the point in that? It's not like they live in America. They don't need to be labeled with 'American' freedom.
The sickeningly overused world dream is for "World Peace" right? Well, some of the strongest leaders in the world sure aren't striving very hard for it. In fact, I'd say that their actions have the exact opposite effect.

B: Before the Civil War

You know, I can't help but wonder, there were like, hundreds of thousands of African-American slaves in America before the Civil War, right? And for every thousand of them, there was probably like only one white person who had control over them, right? So why the heck didn't they just band together and refuse to work? Yes, I realize they could have been killed horribly, but they should have known that if the white men killed all of their slaves, then they'd have to do all the work, and so, probably wouldn't kill them. Even if they did kill some as an example, they wouldn't do anything more than that. Besides, it would have helped out with the whole overpopulation thing of today.

Stupid Answers

A. The Neverending Why

Oh god. 'Why' has got to be the most irritating question ever uttered. Not only do ignorant people repeat it constantly to annoy the heck out of everybody, it's a killer to have to explain or develop. In an essay with a prompt, it could determine if someone passes or fails. I hate it with vengence boiling in my veins. I'm willing to bet that most people don't ask it for the answer; they ask it to annoy us all. "Why? Why? Why?" Oh geez. STFU! People who abuse this word should be tortured and thrown in the past Alcatraz. I may be a hypocrite when I say this but, are you wondering why I hate this word so much? See previous sentence. People abuse this word, just as they have with what are now known as curse words. Just as with curses, they should not be tolerated.

Bad Reviews

Liona the Dragon Tamer

You know what? Rereading it, it infuriates me so much that I can't even bear to reitterate it. So take this link and leave me be. T_T
Evil Review

But I just have one thing to say about it - If you hate a piece of work so much, why would you show how carefully you looked into it, to criticize it? BS in my opinion.

Anything Else

Nothing Yet Here Either