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Gaian Gallery

Here are all the pictures I use for Check it out today!

Gaian Fashion Show!

Which do you think looks best? E-mail your thoughts to
Well, this came to an end, because I picked my outfit out myself. What do you think of it?

This suit consists of:

  1. Haircut (250 G)
  2. Sunglasses (1750 G)
  3. Sleeveless Red Shirt (800 G)
  4. Red 70's Jacket (3000 G)
  5. Black Peasant Gloves (79 G)
  6. Black Street Pants (5500 G)
  7. Elven Boots (239 G)

~~~Total Cost: 11,618 G *** Total Needed: 0 G


The Lone Man

A solitary character takes a drag from his cigarette, in a near flat meadow.
I dunno, I just drew something on MS Paint to see how it would turn out. You like? ^_~

Ying Yang

My Ying-yang design Gaian style. The two characters are me and ... a really good friend of mine.
If you can't read it, the top says "Two Peas in a Pod; Two Completely Different Entities"

Spellcasted Bump

The Slayers Oriented BUMP!

My Gaian Bump

An angel descends to bless a thread with a bump, to give it more attention.
A picture I modified to use as a *Bump* on

My Quoted Sig

I realized and thought of some quotes, to put in my signature.

(C) Knight of L-sama
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