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Chichaqua Free Skinners

The "Chichaqua Free Skinners" was formed in 1986. In central Iowa. Our club is devoted to preserving the memory and life styles of our country's Great Fur Trade Era and the Rendezvous that were held prior to 1840. Every year Mountain Men and Indians alike would venture down from the mountain valleys of the Great Rocky Mountains to trade their seasons catch of Beaver and other furs to traders from the east. They traded for coffee, tobacco, flour, salt, sugar, powder, lead and other items they needed to sustain their life in the mountains for another year. they also traded for blankets, beads, calico cloth, knives, hawks, etc to trade with the Indians for the right to trap their land or maybe to barter for the right to keep their hair. Oh yes, we mustn't forget the whisky they consumed at the Rendezvous plus a jug or two to carry along on their mountain trails. At our modern day re-creation of the Rendezvous you'll feel like you stepped back in time 160 years or more. You won't see any fancy camping trailers, TV's, DVD players, microwaves, or electric lights. You will see canvas tents, tepees, rope beds, wood stoves, candle lanterns and maybe a game of checkers for entertainment. Nearly every camp will have a fire pit and a stack of wood for cooking, as well as a wonderful assortment of cooking grills, Dutch ovens, spatterware pots and pans and hand forged cooking utensils. Most of the food prepared in camp could truly be considered "Gourmet." Do we miss the modern conveniences? Not at all, this is real living and most importantly, it's something we can do as a family. We invite you to come out and visit our camp or if you're a fellow Buckskinner, come join in the fun.

Come and help us celebrate our 27th annual Memorial Day rendezvous. It will be held Saturday, May 26th through Monday, May 28th. Our camp fee is only $20.00 and as usual, no trader's fee! If you are interested in participating in the black powder shooting contest,or have any other questions, contact the club president Kenny Wilson at (515)402-5326. Our latest rendezvous was a great success. We were very fortunate to be able to award a black powder rifle as first prize in the shooting contest and a long bow in the primative bow shoot contest. hopefully The same will be possible in 2012! Every buckskinner event merited prizes for at least first, second and third place. You must be a rendezvous camper in pre 1840's period dress to compete in any event. We also had the most successful camp auction ever! It is a club ran auction and is not run by a professional auctioneer. We will continue to do this each year. It is always open to the public as well as our buckskinner friends. We have already received a couple of donations for the auction! And the list will be changing until the rendezvous!

Here is a basic map to the rendezvous and the back of our flyer.
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If you would like to become a member here's an application. Even if you just want to support us and receive newsletters. Details are on the application. Print it out and send it in!