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BRTF Pics - Pics from Sov

Black Ribbon Task Force

Click on the following for pics

The Clan (im photograher)
Everyone is SEXing ICIE

NEW SOUNDS Courtesy of Hells Angel and our wackey friend PowerZsurge

New Shotgun Noise
New Assault Rifle Sound
New Rocket Launcher Sound
To install these sounds do the following. Extract the files to your ..Neocron\sound\ folder. It is easier if you install the Shotgun noise first as it creates a folder called weapon_sfx. You should then have to create a sound folder called "assaultrifle" or "pumpgun" or "rocketlauncher". The RL file only works for the person using it and 3rd party people can not here the noise. Any trouble then contact me.


New Crosshair
Place the Crosshair file in youe ..\Neocron\gfx\rpos folder and leave it there. You will have to relog and the crosshair will be there.

More to Come