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the kneaded experience
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There have been many studies and articles published regarding the benefits of massage therapy. If you would like copies of these articles "snail-mailed " to you, please contact Frances at The Kneaded Experience or call (818) 951-4336, and indicate which articles you wish, providing your full name and mailing address. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

  1. "The Magic of Touch" Newsweek, 4/6/98
  2. "The Healing Power of Touch" Life
  3. "Get A Life" Newsweek, 6/7/99
  4. "Stress-Busters: What Works" Newsweek, 6/14/99
  5. "Gender and Stress" Harvard Woman's Health Watch, 10/99
  6. "Massage Moves Mainstream"
  7. "Massage" Orange County Register, 3/3/99
  8. "Massage: What It Can Do For You" Prevention, 12/90
  9. "Chair Massage Hits It's Professional Stride" Massage Magazine, 3-4/97
  10. "Stroke Me. Stretch Me, Knead Me, Heal Me—Confessions of a Bodywork Junkie" Self, 6/99
  11. "Massage Can Lick Any Animal Ailment, Proponents Say"
  12. "Stress Free-Zone" El Vaquero School Paper, 12/20/99
  13. "Glendale College Offers Students Relaxation Tips" News Press, 12/20/99
  14. "Massage Therapists Rub Out the Stress"
  15. "Touching News (... Hands-on-Healing)" Psychology Today, 3-4/2000
  16. "Ay, there's the rub" Daily News, 9/11/95
  17. "A probing look at massage's long history, varied techniques" Daily News, 9/11/95
  18. "Warning Signs & Way to Help" Newsweek, 10/1/01
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