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Upon your request, you will receive an individual Security Code that is not and will not be used by another FL member. This code is for verification purposes and for future reference.

The information that we will need for you to be more than a one-time customer, is your main character you wish to order pets from, other character names that you may order on that we may need to know, and a Security Word provided by you. This Security Word should be one word, and easy for you to remember as it is to verify whom you are if you lose your Security Code. To reclaim your Security Code, you must directly speak with LadyIce (no pigeons or emails).
The codes used, and even those given to customers not returning for our services, will not be used again.

Any questions about this Security Code or Security Word, please msg LadyIce by any of the following forms of contact:

  • Ingame: LadyIce
  • AIM: Dark Crystal Kat
  • AIM2: KumikoNaomi
  • MSN: