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Beast Tamers' Promotions

The Beast Tamers are celebrating this special year of four with a Leap Frog Special!
A topic regarding this promotion will be made at the forum to ensure minimal conflict.
The first 29 orders are the only ones that will be taken for this promotion and because this
leap year only happens once every four, we decided to make the price to 4k for any pet lvl 1-20.
This event lasts from Thursday 26th through Sunday 29, 2004 12:00 midnight est.

Promotions In-Planning

  • Leap Year Special - The leap year is one of four, so come celebrate it with the Beast Tamers!

Past Promotions

  • The Valentine's Day Pet Special

For more information, please contact LadyIce ingame.

Prices subjected to change without notice.
Security Codes will not be given during these events as they are a one-time purchase from the event unless requested for.