Pricing System
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Pricing System

Our Pricing System is not very complicated. We have set our prices for lvl 1-15 pets to only 5k or 1 lvl 1 capsule. Pets lvl 16-20 are 6.5k currently.

Prices sound high? Discounts are given to those buying a number of pets from us. The first pet's price, however, will remain the same as the ordered pets to follow will receive the benefits. Confused? Here's an example of the system. Each amount in the bracket represents the value for one pet and the 150gp discount is for representation purposes only.

One pet= (set price)
Two pets= (set price)+(set price-150gp)
Three pets= (set price)+(set price-150gp)+(set price-150gp-150gp)
Four pets= (set price)+(set price-150gp)+(set price-150gp-150gp)+(set price-150gp-150gp-150gp)

We have created this system for those who like having the same pet of different elements as well as for those who just love having different pets! Buying them would require quite a bit of money and we hope that buy lowering the prices as more pets ordered we will help you in the short run of financial needs.

However, to reduce the amount of people buying pets for others, each person cannot order two same pets of the same element and there is a limit of 4 pets in an order.

Past customers are given the advantage of having a 500gp* discount from their orders. Because you are enjoying our services, we will pay for extra expenses from our own pockets to allow you to get more by giving less. For more information on this service, visit Security

* Prices subjected to change without notice.