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How to Make an Order
How to Make an Order

Before placing an order, please read the Pricing System if you have not done so already.

To give you some information on why there is a page on how to order your pet, we do not have pets in stock. We take special care in making sure that you receive your pet by the requested time - more details later.

By placing an order, you will be asked:

  • the time the pet is wanted by; mostly for those logging or afk
    (this time request must be reasonable - please do not ask for the pet within minutes after the order is made)
  • the specific lvl of the pet wanted if any (this service will be an additional 200gp*)

If you plan on ordering from the Beast Tamers again, you can request for a special discount for staying with us! For more information on this, please refer to Security Check.

To order your pet(s), pigeon me in game or msg me by one the following forms of contact:

  • AIM: Dark Crystal Kat (spaces in between)
  • AIM2: KumikoNaomi
  • MSN:
  • In-Game: LadyIce

If you use another form of contact other than messaging ingame, you will receive a pigeon notice when your order is being taken. This notice is to inform you of the information needed if not already provided and to thank you for supporting the Beast Tamers' services.

* Prices are subjected to change without notice.