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Hi all BT's, if you are wondering what this page is for since it isn't linked to the main page, that is because this page is for you, yes you BT's.

I will be posting news, rules, and anything that might concern you as a BT. I will pigeon or msg you when I make updates here so no one is to miss the information.

First up, rules. The rules are quite simple, you please me, I'll please you. I am not going to be strict on your weekly playing time, but I do encourage a minimum of 6 hours (one for every day of the week, and holiday on sunday XD). (However, read on to find out about the positive side of playing more).

If you have noticed, I changed the main page, now the BT's names are not shown. I have decided that since many of you are not on as frequent as I am, I will take in the orders via msg or pigeon if necessary then pass out as evenly as possible the orders to those online. When accepting an order, please remember to find out the time the pet is required and the lvl of pet if any was specified. By knowing this information, it is then your duty as a BT to fill this order to make another customer happy and us proud.

There are a few exceptions to that fortunately: 1. Internet isn't working well - though you might not get the order to start with; 2. the pet is just too hard for you to a)defend against; b) catch (mind you, I will be asking for your lvl and element prior to giving you the order so it is as easy as possible from what we have to work with); 3. parental permission/decline (if your parents allow you on after a task (hw, vegetables lol, etc. and if you are kicked off for being on too long or for some reason can't stay on). I may also take other exceptions as they come considering the possibilities and reasons.

Going back to what I said about the positives of playing more, I have decided that being a BT is better than just a normal BM in the game. You get prizes! Because I have altered the system a bit (me getting the orders and passing them out) I will give them out as evenly as I can. Here is an example:
KotensuRyu is on and I get two orders wanted after 6 hours, I will give him one for now. voodles logs in 2 hours of the order. By now, KotensuRyu has the pet and waiting for the customer. I give the second pet to voodles because KotensuRyu has already caught a pet.

That was only an example but pretty much what I will be doing. If no one is on and I get an order that is needed asap, then I will take the order.

I am doing this (passing the orders) because I will be recording your results as a BT and your success of filling orders. Did I forget to talk about the prize? No, I haven't. Every two weeks (this may change, so do not jump at me for it) I will be calculating the orders filled by each of the BTs. The BT with the most orders filled receive a lvl 1 capsule. The orders filled outside of BT acknowledgement will not be included in the calculations. Please do not tell a friend or get another character, ask me for a pet and get the order because I may not be passing the order to you and also it is cheating and we, BT's are not cheaters.

If at anytime an order is taken and the pet can not be delivered to the customer by the time requested or within sensible time (don't expect customers to wait for days before getting a pet) then a discount is made to the purchase. This discount should be 10% of the total cost of the pet (this amount may change). For more information on the pricing system, check the main page.