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Hey BTs I didn't do this page too fancy because...well it wasn't intended to be a website. Copy and paste the following in a notepad:
Beast Tamers Info Sheet


main website:
BT website:

Pricing System Singles: (lvl=>cost)
1-15 => 5k/5.5k
16-20 => 6k/6.5k

2 pets => (set)+(set-150)
3 pets => (set)+(set-150)+(set-150-150)
4 pets => (set)+(set-150)+(set-150-150)+(set-150-150-150)

Discounts at Levels:
Lvl 1-15:250gp
Lvl 16-20:500gp

Pets ordered cannot be the same (pet and element)
Limit of 4 pets per order

Placing Order
Ask customer:
-time requested to have pet
-specific lvl of pet (+200gp to total)
BT's must:
-check records if past customer (-500gp from total)
-if past customer, check Security Code
-if new customer, give new Security Code and ask if Security Word is wanted
-send notice via pigeon
-send pet(s) calculation with discounts or extras