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4 Sale On Barter

To order or For more info,
phone InterNet Brokers: 800-794-8823
or fax: 602-296-0412
or email:

"American Harvest" Dehydrated Food Packs

Be Prepared 4 Emergency situations like Fire,
Power Outage, Tornado, Flood, Earthquake,
Hurricane, Terrorist Attack, Nuclear Disaster, etc.

Each "Ready 4 Anything" Emergency Food Pack
contains at least a 3 month supply for One person of
these Premium Top Quality Foods which consist of
1 case each of units #1,#2 & #3, as shown below:::

Unit #1
Two #10 Cans - Sweet Corn
Two #10 Cans - Potato Au Gratin
Two #10 Cans - Hash Browns

Unit #2
Three #10 Cans - Vegetable Stew Blend
Two #10 Cans - Carrot Slices
One #10 Cans - Green Beans

Unit #3
Two #10 Cans - Apple Slices
Two #10 Cans - Apple Sauce
Two #10 Cans - Quick Oats

These Premium Dehydrated Foods are Valued at
Over $1,000 when purchased at a Grocery Store
in their normal regular shelf sizes but are Only $399
in BARTER buys this Special 3 carton pack or
Make us an Offer that we Can't Refuse for our
remaining inventory of 15 cartons {Five of these
Special 3 carton food packs}.
Shipping in cash.

Be Wise & Be Prepared for Yourself and Your
Family's Welfare. Don't Delay, Order Today and
You'll Sleep Safer.

"Collectible Phone Cards"

These phone cards "Do Not" have any usable minutes left on them because their LD call time has expired. However, these phone cards are well worth purchasing for just their Collectible value. These phone cards are "One of a Kind" collector items and will NOT be duplicated in the future. Here's their Story:



by Bill Kimble

After four years of legal wrangling, the Rock Hall of Fame gets it's just desserts. If you're not familiar with the story, Chuck Gentile took some photographs of the Rock Hall around the time of it's Grand Opening. Chuck's pictures were made into posters and sold through gift shops and galleries within the local Cleveland area.

This venture didn't make Chuck rich. In fact, it turned out to be quite a drain on him and the story was repeated by many local artists. Chuck was soon locked in mortal combat to display and sell his own pictures of a commercial building built with public funds.

You see, Chuck had failed to pay the blood suckers that supposedly ran the Rock Hall their tribute money, a $10,000 license fee just to reproduce the image of a "Public Building". Jones, Day & Pogue, the legal henchmen the Rock Hall employed to police it's collection efforts, filed suit against Gentile. In fact, Jones - Day persuaded a senile federal judge they had in their pocket, not only to stop Gentile but to actually remove the posters from the stores and give them to the Hall of Fame attorneys. Gentile was devastated but had the courage to fight on.

About three years ago, the U.S. Appeals Court in Cincinnati overturned the original judge's order, declared that the Rock Hall was a "Public Image" and ruled that anyone could take pictures of the Rock Hall to sell them. After that ruling, there was a class action lawsuit prepared on behalf of the many artists the Rock Hall has strong armed. Rumor was that the class action suit could possibly bankrupt the instution that was already on shaky financial footing at the time.

These phone cards were originally produced with one of Chuck's photos that were "Banned" by the Rock Hall and because of the ensuing legal battle, their LD phone time eventually expired. However, now you can own a "Piece of History" by purchasing one or more of these collectible phone cards that have been held in storage for almost four years now. These collectible phone cards are available at 100% BARTER for only $25 each or Five cards for Only $100 or Make us an Offer That we Can't Refuse and purchase all of the available remaining inventory. Each original phone card comes mounted on a 8" X 11" promotional flyer describing the above mentioned legal entanglement. Shipping is in cash.

"The Majors Cockatoos"

Color litho by renown UK artist Eric Peake, shows these majestic creatures in awesome detail. He captures the softness, beauty, devotion & bonding in these unique parrots, so much in demand by aviculturists & collectors.

Number 365 in signed limited edition of 950. Unframed size: 20" by 25". Only $500 in BARTER Buys it or Make us an Offer That we Can't Refuse. Shipping in cash.

View print at:

VIAGRA Herbal Alternative

New breakthrough formula combines 8 of the world's most potent & scientifically documented male sexual restorers. Only $100 in BARTER Buys minimum order of FOUR 30 tablet bottles. Additional bottles are Only $25 each. Quantity discounts also available. Shipping in cash.


Take at Any Time -VS- Must take 1 hour before sex
Cost: Only 83 per tablet -VS- $10+ per tablet
No unpleasant side-effects -VS- Headaches, indigestion, etc.
Increases sexual desire -VS- Does NOT increase
Money back guarantee -VS- NONE whatsoever
No doctors or prescription -VS- Doctor visit & RX required

><> Available quantities are "VERY LIMITED",

VIDEOS - Award Winning Colorized Laurel & Hardy Comedies

Boxed set of 5 individual VHS Videos for Only $125 in BARTER. Shipping in cash. Only One set available, so "HURRY". Buy it 4 yourself or as a Great gift for any Comedy or Nostalgia buff or Video Collector. Included are the following Titles:

#1} Berth Marks
#2} The Hoose-Gow.
#3} Men O' War
#4} Night Owls
#5} Perfect Day

Private Music Collections from the 40's to the 90's

Now Offering, an entire personal private collection of audio cassettes of music from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. In case you might be interested, we have 250 Cassettes that includes 133 Jazz titles, 41 male vocalists, 18 female vocalists, 5 Instrumentals, 24 Vocal Groups and 29 Miscellanous like Rythmn & Blues, Christmas, Religious and Oldies. ALL 250 Cassettes for Only $1000 in BARTER or Make us an Offer that we can't refuse.

Seller has just priced this personal private collection and made the decision to sell this collection on Barter. If you are either a collector or even just a music lover who is possibly looking to purchase music collections like this and are a very serious prospective buyer, we are willing to talk with you and provide you with an inventory by individual musical artists in each category but not by each item.
Shipping charges in cash.

"Restaurant Reservation Book"

Top quality black leatherette padded cover. Inside 365 undated pages. Each line contains space in columns for name, number in party, time, smoking-yes or no and table number. Each page has room for approximately 70 reservations -- 1 Only at $49 in BARTER.
Shipping in cash.

"Relationships and Recovery"

Audio tape pack by Terence T. Gorski. Contains 4 audio tapes. Tape 1-Relationship styles. Tape 2-Relationship building. Tape 3-Codependent and counter dependent styles.Tape 4-the recovery process - Only one Complete Package available at Only $49 in BARTER.
Shipping in cash.

"Fly High"

Audio Tape Pack by Edward R. Gagle. Perfect for bringing Both Young Adults, especially Teenagers & their Parents back to "Peace, Understanding & Love" in their Everyday individual & family lives.

Contains 6 Audio Tapes {12 Sides} ++ Progress & Study Guide. Tape 1- Introduction for Parents, Tape 2- Introduction for the Young Adult, Tape 3- Building Self Esteem, Tape 4- Setting Goals & Reaching Them, Tape 5- Dissolving Your Problems Away.

Tape 6- Using the Power of Your Mind, Tape 7- Working Toward Your Dreams, Tape 8- Developing Your Full Potential, Tape 9- Handling Peer Pressure, Tape 10- Coping With Authority, Tape 11- Making Friends With Your Parents, Tape 12- Flying High. Gently used but in "Excellent" working condition. Only 1 on hand at $99 in BARTER. Shipping in cash.

"Selling Your Business & How to Get the Most $$$"

For Owners & Executives of Businesses who are thinking of possibly Selling their Business, Investing in One or even possibly Buying another Business -- This "Selling Your Business" spiral bound manual by "The Business Owner" publication, consists of 123 pages -- Sections cover "Structuring the Deal", "Four Ways to Get Your Money", "Tax Considerations", "Risk Analysis", "Negotiating Tips & Strategies", "Present Value Analysis", "Adjusting the Financial Statements", "Ways to Value a Business", "How to Negotiate the Best Deal & Payment Terms", "Checklist for Analyzing Any Business" and Actual Seperate "Case Studies" -- This manual could well be Worth "it's weight in Gold" by Saving You Agravation, Stress, Liabilities and of course $$$$ -- One on hand priced at Only $49 in BARTER.
Shipping in cash.


Each one of these Beautiful and highly collectible "Limited Edition Color Lithographs" is Personally Signed by the Artist. There are "Four" seperate Certified Cash Appraisals on each piece of artwork.

Each of the "Four" different certified Cash appraisers places the same retail/replacement Cash cost for each individual piece at $2000, which is $500 more than we're asking in BARTER trade credits for each of these fabulous signed lithographs at ONLY $1500 each.

In addition, they'll be a solid asset based on their "Four" seperate certified cash appraisals of $2000 each. Any of these Beautiful pieces of collectible artwork can also be used as actual cash assets for your audited financial statement to increase your net worth.


Limited Edition Color Lithographs by World Renowned Dutch-American Artist "William Verdult"

William Verdult, Dutch-American Artist and Sculptor, is considered one of the most versatile contemporary artists in the entire World. He has studied seriously and devotedly under the old Masters in Rome, Belgium, France & the United States, Achieving his own classical style, he has received numerous awards of merit in recognition of his unique creations.

Critics have marveled at the diversity of style, technique and subject matter that are apparent in his works. No other artist skillfully incorporates the classical, traditional, modern and avante-guarde into such a compelling, distinctive and multifaceted art style, as William does.

Born and raised in Holland during the uncertain back drop of World War 2, Verdult brings a new perspective to his paintings that could only be gained from living daily with life & death struggles, good & evil, horror & compassion plus victory & defeat.

No wonder that Verdult is so coveted and collected by connoisseurs & art lovers from all over the World. In fact, many Celebrities over the years have become very proud owners of William's creations, including Robert Redford, Farrah Fawcett, Telly Savalas and Frank Sinatra, just to name a few.

This extremely talented artist's impact on the fine art world has been very substantial, to say the least. In recent years, Verdult has been busy creating his now World famous renditions of the fabulous treasures of Egypt's King Tut, which are conservatively estimated in value to be worth in excess of 60 million dollars.

Now You're cordially invited to join the fast growing ranks of serious art collectors and knowledgeable investors who are adding the exquisite fine art of World Renown "Dutch Master" William Verdult to their holdings.

ALL prints are unframed, with the size being given as actual paper and image size by "width x height".

Following is a ist of the artist's "Limited Edition Color Lithographs" that we currently have available:

#1} "Running Bear" {Portrait of Indian Chief} -- Size:16"x22"
# 244 in Limited Edition of 2000

#2} "The Navajo Child" {Portrait of Young Indian Child} -- Size:16"x22"
Signed "Artist Approval Print"

#3} "Gaucho" {Lone Cowboy on Horseback} -- Size: 23"x17"
Signed "Artist Approval Print"

#4} "Autumn" {Beautiful Changing Landscape Scene} - Size: 22"x15"
# 215 in Limited Edition of 2000

#5} "The Wiseman" {Portrait of Elderly Man} - Size: 16"x22"
Signed "Artist Approval Print"

View prints at:

These Beautiful pieces of collectible artwork will brighten and beautify any location in which they're placed or displayed. Besides, they'll provide endless hours of pure enjoyment, pride & appreciation to their owners and anyone else who has the honor & privilege to view them. In addition, they'll be a solid asset based on their "Four" seperate certified cash appraisals of $2000 each. These Beautiful pieces of collectible artwork can also be used as actual cash assets for your audited financial statement to increase your net worth.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for additional information, copies of the certified cash appraisals or color photo copies of each available lithograph -- ONLY $1500 each at 100% BARTER or Make us an Offer that we Can't Refuse. Shipping & handling in cash.

Available quantities are "VERY LIMITED", so "DON'T DELAY & ACT TODAY".

To order or for more info,
phone InterNet Brokers: 800-794-8823
or fax: 602-296-0412
or email: