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  1. UnRar the downloaded file and paste/upload the files & folder to your server.
    default.asp - your Homepage
    members.asp - your Members Page

    If WinRAR is not installed at your computer, Click here to download it from:

  2. customize login/constants.asp
    Setup your Site and Email Variables.

  3. customize login/css.css
    Setup your site design.

  4. Modify Emails HTML

      Email File Location
      Welcome Email login/join2.asp lines 41-48
      Activate Email login/activate2.asp lines 31-37
      Forgot Email login/forgot.asp lines 28-33

  5. customize login/dbase.asp
    You can modify the database name and location in line 10.

    The default password is: password

    to change the password:
      Open Exlusive
    1. Open login/db.mdb in MS Access 2000 using "Open Exlusive"
    2. Enter password ("password")
    3. Menu Bar --> Tools --> Security --> Unset Database Password
    4. Enter password ("password")
    5. Menu Bar --> Tools --> Security --> Set Database Password
    6. Enter YourNewPassword
    7. Change "PWD=password" in login/dbase.asp to "PWD=YourNewPassword"

  6. Change the admin password in the users table of: login/db.mdb

    To login as administrator go to the login page (login/login.asp) and enter your admin Username & Password. The default Username & password are: Username:admin Password:admin

  7. Paste the following code line in the top of every page that needs login:
    <!--#INCLUDE file="login/checkiflogin.asp"-->

For any question or problem please contact us at: