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" : C H A P T E R H I S T O R Y : "

The Alpha Phi Omega at Cor Jesu College started in July 1987, when Brothers Leo F. Siao of Gamma Chapter batch 1984B with ID # 21891 and Roland O. Montebon of Beta Upsilon Chapter batch 1983A with ID # 11445 met and to discussed the possibilities of opening a local collegiate chapter in said campus.

Discussed were how to start with the recruitment, how to disseminate information's about the fraternity, and who will act as an interim officers that will handle the incoming aspirant-members of the fraternity. They were guided with high ideas and advise of Brothers Bernardo V. Silava of Gamma Chapter batch 1964 with ID # 12159 and Bonifacio C. Corpuz of Delta Chapter batch 1969 with ID # 23637 who then serves as advisers. It was then decided that Brothers Roland O. Montebon and Leo F. Siao would act as Grand Chancellor and Prime Chancellor, respectively. The process was so fast that it gained support from some college students who desire to be members of the fraternity.

In August 1987 saw the pioneering batch with three (3) new brothers namely; Gerardo C. Erasmo, Jonah A. Llanos and Dexter D. Pagales successfully completed the requisite for membership in accordance to the concepts, ideals and principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service and the guidance of the principles of the Local and International Scouting Movement.

By the year 2003, the APO Cor Jesu College petitioning chapter had already eighteen (18) fraternity members and now ready to seek for official recognition with the National Executive Board.

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