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Mr. Sommers-My Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Somers is a very intelligent person. He has full and thorough understanding of all of the topics he teaches. Unfortunately, I am not learning very much from him during this school year. Last year, he suffered a heart attack and was out for a month, but he returned this year. He has obviously lost his passion for teaching, if he ever had any, because he is one of the worst teachers I have ever encountered.

The assignments he gives us are usually poor attempts at making us discover the topic for ourselves. He will try to explain his assignment in class, but leaves many questions unanswered, and isn’t very clear on what he wants in the first place. This often creates utter confusion among his students, which results in poor performance. During assignments that involve the library, we go to the library having no direction or method to completing the assignment, and most of the time is spent talking with friends.

Most of our class time is spent copying notes or making tables. These notes and charts are never referenced again, and we are lost as to why we copied them in the first place. A lot of the time, we will copy word for word from our textbook.

I wish I didn’t have to say these things, but honestly, Mr. Somers, well….sucks.