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Welcome to The Anime Matrix Home:

*** All information is freely given enjoy! ***
***any chage otherwise stated you will be notified! ***

Thanks for visiting this web site we started this fall

About Home:

We are working on different ways of making layouts of producing this website. this is a hard trial period and we hope to achive a great deal of fans! if you have any comments please e-mail at: E-mail at Anime Matrix

Terms :

In this we will use the best of the abilities of this website to achive what your imputs make and make the site better to use and a great inviroment to be in.

If this layout inspires you to make a similar one, I'll appreciate if you link back to us. Thank you and enjoy.

Want our links GO TO LINK TO US :

We will make a link so that you can get to our site in order to enjoy all that we have to offer!

Installation :

To install this layout, upload the all of the files without tampering with anything [like the names and so on... unless you know what your doing] onto your server and then after that, make sure everything looks right. If not, then you messed up or the zip file does not include everything [which rarely happens]. Go to and you will get help there from us and other members. If you dont wish to do that, you can hire us and we can fix it for you for a low price. Anyway, if everything is okay, you can edit the links, so on. Enjoy!

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