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Memories--- adele im totally copying this frum u! lol ADELE WAGNER : hey arina whos that?uhh adele thass HIM!...u noe "HIM" omg!!!lol! Speakers Corners n nasty old men!ADUMP ADICK ADELL COMPUTER!lmfao so old but still so funyn! so wouldya?? money mart! haha u meetn craig...take off ur sunglasses!!! waking up mah mom~drinkn with ryan and troy(?!?)~ talkn to james n neil on msn and u askn questions bout me and me askin questions bout u!lol~ haha ur man whore neighbor at the door n me runnin to see hiM~ pushin yah into the road!!haha we can have matchin cell phones adeli!! Killer Jaws the Pup! mah crazy mah mom and her dumb rules! dont be so happy adele! lmfao ANUS! OMG ARINA!?! omg graham is soo hott rite now!Lol are we talkn bout graham or the hott guy with abs!?! Wagnea!!lol!~ mmmm treess *drool* lol! ~ i think ur soo SNORT! lmfao RACHELLE RENNIE : oh look chel its mr. porkey!!:D omg were goin the other way arina!haha me skippin tech with u while u skipped math for the like the 2 last months of schooL! makn me skip mah math summative!! lol umm our Mcd's every morning instead of first period! haha our soo many notebooks.JT JM J OJ JAM JM(2) Mr.PORKEY JJ JD JB JL JH HB BC(theresa) AA(me) KG(u)umm...haha mr.maphouz and mr. saunders! me gettn u to start drinkn and bein all bad n shyt! lol srry gurl! careers class and civics class! good memories! hahaha "cranbeerry" juice!! u drinkn all of urs and then theresas and stace's LOL! TIMA BROWN : timok~lmfao~drinkn at ur house with craig, kyle(sexyness haha)ur bro ambular n cinthia!haha too fun, krista thinkn im psycho! was that ur hair colour?!?!!? since when?! haha watchn movies at ur house with ***** man imma never forget that except next time dont look at me and him soo much!lol u suck! u tripping!halloween hahah dances and gettn ready! the VOX!!lol ur mom!2 funny!~ but but hes soooo cute! no no! yes yes! hana hana guy! ~ constapated sounds! LMFAO~ ohh man~ KENSY JONEZZZZ: nerd!!lol u think im weird dont u?? uhh ye!! lol haha i could pic me being a lawyer wiht a pink outfit n a pet pig!!! so could i! pet piggy!! arent pigs the cutest?? no! lol meaness!groupies! YE!!!!lol ~~~ ur fresstyles! those were kool haha rmber me tryn to do sum!omg never forget those!lmfao~ mm i bought a candle today and it smells soo good!!lol LAURA SMITH: oomg we have sooo many! here goes: umm hotel one nite: 50 $ shoppin: 200 $ smellin ur nephwes fingers after tehy been up his ass: Priceless! and all the other ones!LMFAO ~ fastern lora fastern!! hahah Lauora!~ so how come hes bein an ass now? cuz i told him u wouldnt give him head. oh! lol the VOX~all those stories bout ppl and our parents which i cant write here!lmfao~ mah dad walkin into China White with his trench coat and all! the guys shoulder...uhh excuse me sir!lmfao~ new cell portable phone one! talkn till 1 am when we have to wake up at like 4 am! wonderland trip!haha hott guys everywhere!omg when mah bathing suit bottom untied so i had to hide behind u on the water ride! gettn stuck on the water tub!lmfao the waterfall!OH NO MAH HAIR!lol our IDENTICALE parents! ur cute but totally krazee dogs!ur dads new fridge!hahah police reports...paper bags over our heads now laura n maddy! lol krazeness...graham...~whut a dumbass~Agron!! ewww whut a nasty shit he is!lmfao uhh totally!~ old men~omg changn on the bus and that nasty perverted driver lookn at me!eww adn then later stoppn to give us a drive back!~:S~ haha at macdonalds and ur ----!~ those four guys that alwasy compare their dicks and when we went into their car dat nite...uhh lOOSERS!lol n then u telln em to go away and blammn it on me!!!!~ not a taxi service!!~ mah crazee mom!~ only if he comes!!~ NEIL S.(?!?)