Sailor Moon

"In the name of the moon, I will punish you!"

This is Tsukino Usagi, a clumzy civilian girl who goes to Juuban Middle School and gets bad grades. She's also a crybaby and likes to spend time pigging out. She lives with her mother, Ikuko, her father, Kenji, a magazine editor, and the annoying Shingo, her younger brother by three years.

Her hobbies are sleeping, daydreaming, and reading her favorite Sailor V comics (^.^). Her favorite colors are white and pink and her favorite animals are rabbits and cats (I think it depends on wheither it's the manga or anime).

Her soulmate throughout history, fate, and the story is Mamo-chan (^^). At the end of the story, they get married and they have a daughter, Chibiusa. Soon after, during the winter of 1998/1999, something happens, and the Earth is selt up in ice to be kept safe and everyone sleeps for the next millenium. One thousand years later, Usagi uses the Silver Crystal to awaken the Earth and she and the Sailor Solders decide that it's time to return to the moon. Usagi is renamed Neo-Queen Serenity and she rules with Neo-King Endymion. Their daughter is renamed "Princess Lady Serenity" and their kindom is called "Crystal Tokyo".

Name Meaning: "Tsuki no usagi" is Japanese for "Rabbit of the Moon". It's said in Japanese folklore that there's a rabbit on the moon that makes "mochi", which is a "sweet rice" Japanese
NA Dub Name: Serena (Moon; fan named)
French/German Name: Bunny
Nicknames: Usako (used only by Mamoru), Odango-atama/Bunhead/Bunhair/Dumpling-head/Dumpling-hair (used by Mamoru, Haruka, Seiya, and accational others)/Meatball head (NA dub; used by Darien, sometimes Raye)
Birthday: June 30, 1978
Blood Type: O
Sign: Cancer
Favorite Colors: Pink and white
Favorite Food: Ice cream
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Hobby: Eating cake, eat, sleep
Favorite Subject: Home economics
Worst Subject: Math, English
Has Trouble With: Dentists, Ghosts
Strong Points: Brownnosing, Crying
Dream: To be a bride

This is Sailor Moon, the pretty super solder that fights in a sailor suit. She's a crybaby, and can't really do anything by herself most of the time. She is Usagi's badguy fighting alter-ego, and her attacks are Moon, heart, beauty, and love based (of corse, mostly Moon based). Her aura is first pink, then, later on, silver.

Pretty(girl) Solder Sailor Moon

-Moon Prism/Transformation Brooch
-Sailor Fuku (varies with the manga)
-Moon Goggles (manga only)
-Special Throwing Tiara's
-Moon Pen
-Sailor Team Communicator Pad
-Moon Stick
-Star/Moon Locket (anime only)
-Mamoru's Watch (manga only; it's not her item, it's Mamoru's! ^^ Usagi, have you been stealing from Mamoru again?)
-Silver Moon Crystal

-"Moon Prism Power, Make up!"

-"Moon Frisbee" (manga only)
-"Moon Tiara Action" (anime version of "Moon Frisbee"; dubbed as "Moon Tiara Magic")
-"Moon Twilight Flash" (manga only)
-"Moon Power, Nare ni. . . [insert]" ("Moon Power, Transform me into a. . . [insert]"; I know, not an attack, here it is ^^)
-"Moon Tiara Stardust" (anime only)
-"Moon Healing Escalation" (dubbed as "Moon Healing Activition")
-"Moon Prism Power" (dubbed as "Cosmic Moon Power"; in manga, phrase is never used)

Pretty(girl) Solder Sailor Moon R(omance) Arc 1

(New) Items
-Crystal Moon Compact
-Moon Cutie Rod

-"Moon Crystal Power, Make up!"

-"Moon Tiara Action"
-"Moon Princess Halation" (dubbed as "Moon Princess Elimanation")

Romance Arc 2 (The second arc of the anime was the "Black Moon" arc in the manga)

Same as last series

-"Moon Crystal Power, Make up!"

-"Moon Tiara Action"
-"Moon Princess Halation"
-"Moon Crystal Power" (uses this move while fighting Wiseman)

Pretty(girl) Solder Sailor Moon S(uper) (called the "Infinity" arc in the manga)

(New) Items
-Moon Spiral Heart Rod
-Cosmic Moon Compact
-(Slightly New) Sailor Fuku (varies with the manga)
-Holy Grail
-(First) SuperSailor Fuku (varies slightly with the manga)
-Pure Heart Crystal (used with the Sailor Team's, and Sailor Uranus and Neptune's powers to become SuperSailor Moon at the end of the Super arc)

-"Moon Cosmic Power, Make up!"
-"Crisis, Make up!"

-"Moon Spiral Heart Attack"
-"Moon Rainbow Heartache" (SuperSailor Moon version of "Moon Spiral Heart Attack"; called "Moon Rainbow Heartquake" in the SuperS movie album)

Pretty(girl) Solder Sailor Moon SuperS (called the "Dream" arc in the manga)

(New) Items
-Crisis Moon Compact
-(Second) SuperSailor Fuku (varies slightly with the manga and the Super season anime)
-Moon Kaleidoscope
-Dream Mirror (brakes during the final fight with the Amazon Trio)

-"Moon Crisis, Make up!" (used with Chibiusa)

-"Moon Goreous Meditation" (attack done with Pegasus; also done with SuperSailor Chibimoon in the manga and SuperS movie)
-"Golden Crystal Power" (using Mamoru's crystal; in the manga only)

Pretty(girl) Solder Sailor Moon SailorStars (Arc 1)

(New) Items
-Eternal Compact
-Eternal Fuku

(Doesn't use a phrase the first time she becomes Eternal Sailor Moon)

(Doesn't really use any of her attacks)

Pretty(girl) Solder Sailor Moon SailorStars (Arc 2)

-Eternal Compact
-Eternal Fuku
-Wings (she has these while as Eternal Sailor Moon and during the final battle with Galaxia/Chaos)
-Eternal Tier (this brakes toward the end of the series)
-Sailor Crystal (looses it during a fight against Tin Nyanko and also during the final battle with Galaxia/Chaos)
-ChibiChibi Sword (ChibiChibi takes the form of a sword for Sailor Moon to fight Galaxia/Chaos with, but it brakes and ChibiChibi "dies")

-"Moon Eternal, Make up!" (anime only)
-"Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make up!" (manga only)

-"Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss"
-"Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss" (only used near the end of SailorStars)
-"Silver Moon Crystal Power" (only used in the manga at the very end of SailorStars)

Here are all of Usagi's forms throughout Bishoujo Senshi Seeraa Muun.

About 1000AD 1992-1998AD About 3000AD About 4000AD
Age The Silver Millenium The (Renewed) Silver Millenium Crystal Tokyo Sailor Wars
Rule Queen Selenity's Usagi's/Sailor Moon's/Noone's Neo-Queen Serenity's N/A
Form Princess Serenity Tsukino Usagi Neo-Queen Serenity N/A
Sailor Solder Form N/A Sailor Moon, SuperSailor Moon,
Eternal Sailor Moon
N/A (Eternal Sailor Moon?) Sailor Cosmos