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I hope that you have enough Sailormoon sense and knowledge to figure out when I am and am not being sarcastic.

Idea stolen from The Sailor Senshi Page: Sailor Moon

Galaxia is Chibi Chibi’s mother. ~ This could be considered right in the anime, because Galaxia "gave birth" to Chibi Chibi, but Chibi Chibi is actually a part of Galaxia, her star seed, and all of the good left inside of Galaxia. In the manga, Chibi Chibi is Sailor Cosmos (future Neo-Queen Serenity) from the Sailor Wars.

Naru has great amounts of power and she and Nephrite are two soldiers of Justice: Sailor Earth and Tuxedo Nephrite. ~ Wha?! First thing, Nephrite would look horrible in a Tuxedo outfit. Only Tuxedo Kamen can pull that off (and Umino, sort of. . . *snickers*). And second, Naru is never in a sailor fuku, but her sister Ruruna and Chibi Usa's friend, Naruru, wear sailor fuku in the manga.

The plot of Sailormoon OVA: The peaceful life begins after Chaos is defeated, but everything is not as good as it seemed to be. Sailor Moon thought there was no need for her power any more and threw away her Eternal compact. It get lost, obviously. Senshi and cats started to blame her for doing this, but thought a little and threw their transformation pens away, too. Suddenly a new enemy - Princess Dead Star appeared and started to do evil things. But then - hooray! - a new senshi Sailor Ganimed appeared!!! She’s a future daughter of Sailor Jupiter and has a nearly ideal personality. She says that Senshi were wrong throwing away their stuff and then defeats the Dead Star’s army. Then the Starlights are summoned to the Earth, and Yaten falls in love with Ganimed, but she’s not interested in him. (Poor Yaten.) Ganimed gives the Senshi their items back and they defeat Dead Star who is actually... Chibi Chibi!!! ~ Ugh. . . Some person that doesn't know what "OVA" stands for came up with this. OVA stands for "Original Version Anime" (or something like that) and refers to the first season of an anime, in other words, the first Sailormoon season with Queen Beryl and the Four Generals.

Sailor Inner Team is based on Spice Girls. ~ And the first three Outers are based on Destiny's Child, and Sailor Saturn is based on Christina Agulara. . .

Sailor Moon is Sailor V, and Sailor Venus just stays for Venus. V in Sailor Moon’s previous form stays for "Victory". ~ Really?

Chibi Chibi is Zoicite and Kunzite’s daughter. ~ The part that freaks me out is the fact that you used the name "Kunzite" instead of "Malachite", and if you had used the name Malachite I would have suspected that you were a dubbie that thought Zoisite was a woman, but since you used Kunzite, I'm confused, because in the Japanese version, Zoisite is a man. So, my only question is this: "How can two not transexual males have a baby?"

Sailor Mars is a fanfic character. Naoko Takeuchi didn’t like planet Mars and she didn’t want a scout of Mars. ~ Sure, that's why Naoko Takeuchi drew in this mysterious purple haired character in and red sailor fuku. It was really herself as a sailor scout, Sailor Naoko! There's no Sailor Mars, DIC and Cloverway are just fooling you!

Serenity had a sister named Serena, who is real Sailor Moon. That means Usagi shouldn’t fight, she’s just a princess, and Serena is the one who does everything. She has the same hairstyle with Usagi, but her hair is silver. She uses "Crescent Moon Ribbon Flash" and "Moon Flower Petal Storm" to fight an enemy. She and Usagi fight each other to get Mamuro. ~ Sounds like some horrible fanfic gone wrong. @_@ And it's Mamoru!

Usagi is not a Sailor Senshi! She’s just a princess. ~ Of corse. . .

Mixxine is going to cut out the acts of manga where generals are killed because the sight of their corpses may scare kids. ~ But don't they turn into jewels?

Minako, Usagi and Haruka are not Japanese. They are from Los Angeles. ~ That's why they were born in Japan and have never been to America. They're really from Los Angeles! Sneaky!

Haruka is pure evil. ~ Which is why she had a pure heart crystal containing a talisman. She's really evil! It's just Cloverway trying to fool you again!

Sailor Moon is created by Watase Yuu, that’s why Miaka and Tamahome and Usagi and Mamoru are so alike. ~ And as we all know, Watase Yuu and Naoko Takeuchi are really alter egos. . .

Haruka and Michiru are sisters. ~ No, they're COUSINS!! But rumor has it that they're really lovers. . . HA!! What a crappy rumor!

Senshi use to have lots of screen sex, but this was cut in all the countries (even in Japan), and was shown only in doujinshi. ~ Which is why doujinshi is Japanese for "Fan Made Comic(s)". It's really all made by Naoko Takeuchi. She's just trying to trick you! She even made her art work look completely different to fool people! I mean, all the Sailormoon doujinshi looks. . . like the anime!! Wow, what a talented artist!

Eternal Sailor Moon and Chibi Chibi are sisters, and both are Chibi Usa’s mothers. ~ Princess Evil: *runs around screaming "INCEST!" and "HUGE AGE DIFFERENCE!" and "EWW!!"
Jessica: Eternal Sailormoon and Chibi Chibi aren't sisters. Chibi Chibi tricks the Tsukino family (except Usagi) into thinking that she's there adopted new daughter/baby sister. Chibi Usa can't have two mothers, because only a male and a female can produce a child, and Chibi Usa's parents are Neo-Queen Serenity and Neo-King Endymion.

Hollywood is going to make a Sailor Moon movie with real actors! It will be based on first season, but contain all the Senshi! Leonardo DiCaprio will be Mamoru. ~ Princess Evil: *runs away screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!"
Jessica: Are you sure you're not talking about the Sailor Moon show that was going to be made in Canada that never happened? Because that show sucked and totally ripped off Power Rangers, and there WASN"T a Tuxedo Mask (and poor "Raye" was in a wheel chair T-T).

Sailor Senshi Animamate Scouts are the new bunch of scouts from SuperS. ~ That's why there's from SailorStars and are fake Sailor Senshi that killed off all the real Sailor Senshi from their own home planets. It's just another plan of Naoko Takeuchi to fool everyone!

Chibi Chibi is GAY. ~ As in happy? Adorible? Or as in female-f*cking 2 year old Sailor Scout? Yeah, she really is gay, but it's only showed in the cut out Sailormoon manga known as "doujinshi". Yeah, real gay. . .

"Chibi Chibi" is translated "galaxy". ~ And "ginga" is translated to "tiny tiny".

Luna is Sailor Mau. ~ No, Sailor Mau is the Sailor Solder of Luna and Artemis's home planet, but Sailor Tin Nyanko killed her in the manga. She's never mentioned in the anime.

Jadeite was a * snake * before she became a Dark Kingdom general. ~ She? And why a snake?

Haruka and Corrine are lovers. ~ And I don't think that a rumored dub name and an original Japanese name should be mixed together to form a couple. Which one's Corrine? Is that Michiru? Or is it Setsuna? Or is it Haruka?

The keepers of talismans in S are Usagi, Mamoru and Chibi Usa. ~ But they make all of the scouts including the Witches 5 think that Haruka, Michiru and Setsune have them, but that's not possible, because the first three Outers are really /evil/ and don't have pure heart crystals. It's just Usagi, Mamoru and Chibi Usa trying to fool you!

Project CURE means Project Chibi Usa Raping Ecstasy. ~ Wha?!

Sailorleadcrow and Sailoraluminiumsiren are related. ~ Which is why they were born on different planets. They're just trying to fool you!

In the manga Queen Serenity (the mother) was 18 when her daughter died. ~ Which means she must have only been 4 when she gave birth to Princess Serenity. Wow, that's amazing!

In Japan, people worship Sailor Mercury as a God. ~ *laughs* Behold! I am the pretty sailor suited god of Mercury, Sailormercury! PH34r my w4t3r pow3r!

ALL world’s girls are Sailor Soldiers! ~ Princess Evil: Yay! And I'm Sailor Princess Evil!! PWAHAHAHAHA!!!! *runs around insanely*
Jessica: Uh, forget about what she just said. . .

"Takeuchi Naoko" means "rabbit of the Moon". ~ And she's the REAL Sailormoon! Sailormoon is REALLY an autobiography about her life as a Sailor Solder and Princess of the MOON!!!!

The theme song for Sailor Moon is "Fighting Evil Densetsu". ~ Uh. . . maybe in the dub?

Jadeite is a new incarnation of Freddy Krueger. ~ *cracks up*

Sailormoon got canceled in USA because of Raye’s evil personality. ~ . . . because she talks to fire. AH! FIRE EVIL!! NO GOOD!! EVIL!! BURN CAVEMAN"S HAND!! AHH!!

Luna-P is Setsuna’s daughter, turned into Chibi-Usa’s toy. ~ I never knew that Setsuna gave birth to cats.

Sailormars is a bit emotionless. ~ Anger is an emotion. . . So is annoyence.

Queen Beryl brainwashed Jadeite because she loved him and wanted him to be near. ~ Don't cha' mean "Endymion" dare buddy?

In the Sailorstars manga, it’s SAID that Sailormoon is actually evil. ~ No, only in the doujinshi, but that's really the edited out Sailormoon manga, so you're right.

Jadeite is in love with a lesser known DK general, Amber, who was never mentioned in anime or manga. ~ This makes a lot of sense. . . This must have been edited out of the manga, but it's probably in the doujinshi Sailormoon. . .

Sailormoon is the Silent Messiah. ~ And Pharoh90 is the Messiah of "Happy-Go-Lucky" and sugar cookies!

Kinmoku princess’s name is Kakui. ~ But only in the doujinshi! In the manga and the anime she's Princess Kakyuu which is translated to "Firefighter of the Moon"!

Lord Kaspar and Zachary are enemies of Sailormoon, and they’re in love. ~ But they're never seen in the manga and the anime, only in the doujinshi! And Lord Kaspar uses "Friendly Ghost Power, Make up!" to turn into Casper the friend ghost!

Ami’s name means "Beautiful Center of Water". ~ It means "Friend of Water". Mizu = water; no = particle equivalent of "of" in this case; Ami = friend; turn the meanings around and you get "mizu no ami" = "friend of water".

Tuxedo Mask’s rose is hard-plastic. ~ Because he's the Sailor Solder of the sun and artificle flowers, Tuxedo Mask!

Zoisite and Kunzite eventually got married and Jadeite was the bridesmaid. ~ *cracks up at the thought of Jadeite in a pink dress*

Chibi Chibi’s dub name is Small Reeny/Rini/Riny. ~ I've actually heard of rumors where her name is "Chelsy" in a fandub and she says "Mama-mama" and "Baby-baby". I've never heard of "Small Rini". But then again, I didn't even know there "was" a fandub for SailorStars, but you can't expect Sailormoon fans to wait forever. . .

Ami has mercury as blood. ~ Look people! A pun! Hahah!

Nephrite is Tuxedo Mask. ~ NO!! Only Mamoru can pull off the Tuxedo Mask thing!

Haruka is a fetishist and she wears Michiru’s panties because THIS is what she has a fetish for. ~ But this is only in the doujinshi part of Sailormoon known as "SailorSEX".

Senshi’s final forms are Starlight Senshi, i.e. Starlight Sailor Mercury, Starlight Sailor Mars and so on. They have porn powers: "Mercury Sexy Water Maiden", "Mars Hot Minet" and all such thingies. When they do attack, they’re totally nude. ~ And Sailor Uranus says "Yer-Anus is Hot" and Tuxedo Kamen uses his mask to see through people's clothes! But this is only in the doujinshi, and they use eachother's underwear as a transformation item!

"Makenai!" means "All for porn!" ~ In MOON language! :D

Usagi had sex with Mamoru when they were little, 7 or about that. ~ Eww. . .

Sailorneptune has ears of a fish. ~ *laughs* I didn't know fishes had ears. ^_^;

Saturn has an attack called Silence slave where she sews the mouth of the enemy with cow thread. ~ And covers the enemy in cow-hide and then uses her attack "Saturn Thanksgiving Football" to destroy the enemy but then uses her "Rebirth Revolution" to bring the enemy back to life so Eternal Sailormoon can destroy the enemy with "Eternal Sailormoon Bunny-Hop Attack"! . . . In the doujinshi! :D

Britney Spears will be starring in the live-action SM movie. ~ Which only makes sense, because Sailor Moon was based on Britney Spears, and Jamie Spears will be playing Chibi Usa/Sailor Chibimoon, because Chibi Usa was based on her!

The S for SMSupers stands for sircuz (circus) and the word is not writted correctly because Naoko doesn´t care about grammar. ~ Because she's the real Sailormoon and doesn't look up the proper English spellings, just how Usagi doesn't look up the proper kanji!

Each Senshi has a cat. Their names are Cupid (venus), Aries (Mars), Aquarius (Mercury), Bolt (Jupiter), and Leo (Tuxedo Mask). Artemis is really Queen Serenity's cat and Luna is Princess Serenity's cat. Leo is Artemis's brother and Cupid is Luna's brother. When all of the cats died in the past, only Artemis and Luna survived. All of the cat's had planet symbols on their forehead, except Leo, who had a mask. All of the cats' were cousins and their grandmother's name was Galaxia's cat incarnated, and her name is Cosmos, but Galaxia likes to call her "Chaos", and Chaos doesn't like to be called that so she took over Galaxia's body and made her be evil. ~ . . . In the doujinshi! :D

Princess Kakyuu is in love with Usagi and they have a baby named ChibiChibi, who goes back into the past to help both her mommys defeat Galaxia. ~ How about no. . . Chibi Chibi is Galaxia's star seed, /not/ the daughter of two women!

Chibi Chibi is really Princess Small Lady Cosmos of the Rainbow Era and her mother is Neo-QUeen Cosmos, known as Sailor Cosmos in the manga. ~ *sigh* Chibi Chibi IS Sailor Cosmos! There's no Rainbow Era!

The senshi like to pretend that they are characters from other anime. That is why Hino Rei and Ayanami Rei have the same names. ~ Ya know, my name's Jessica and I like to pretend to be other Jessica's. Ya know, I know about four different Jessica's, and including myself, five! We can team up and pretend to be the inner senshi! And I know three different Caitlin's/Kaitlin's. They can be the first three outers! Yay, this'll be FUN!!

Amara and Haruka are lesbian lovers. ~ *as Hakura* I just love Me, don't you? *as Amara* Yep! ^_^

Hakura and Mirucha are lovers, but Hakura and Sesuna got drunk once and had sex, and Sesuna got pregent and had Hotaru, and the three of then take care of Hotaru together, because Sesuna wanted to live with the baby and so did Hakura, which made Mirucha vary mad, so she tried to kill Hotaru and Hotaru would use her sikick powers to make this really load sound like a baby crying and it was her Sailor Saturn attack "Saturn Siren Cry" and Mirucha got kicked out of the hose for a little wile, untill the Sailor Stars starts and the Sailor Stars and Chuby-Chuby come, then they were happy. ~ What?

Sailor Moon Tidbit (07:59 AM EST): Knowing how many people from the Sailor Moon lists and sites have migrated over here over the years, I thought it was worth mentioning that Anime Daisuki: , the site that keeps track of Japanese shows and broke the news on the second season of Big O before anyone else, is now listing a Sailor Moon X series to air in Japan this fall. Going by comments in the forum, the X may very well stand for "10", with 2002 being the tenth anniversary of the show. While the region 2 DVD releases of the existing seasons appear to have stalled momentarily, the original episodes are enjoying a revival with many rebroadcasts throughout Japan as well as the strong success of the musical and the continual release of new merchandise. It shouldn't be too much of a surprise that Toei has gone back to the well for more, though I'm curious if there are any US companies who may have a hand in the new series. ~ I found this on a forum. I think it's sad that someone would actually post this, because the link doesn't work. . .

Sailor Senshi saved Titanic from being drowned once. ~ @__@ Wha? The Titanic? It drowned though. . . I didn't even know ships could drowned. . . I thought they could only sink. . .

In their spare time, the Sailor Senshi like to knock each others out by wrestling. ~ Yeah, I know. I saw some of those pictures of them wrestling. They were posted on They're FAN drawn! X(

The reason of why Usagi and Chibi Usa are always fighting and yelling each other is because Chibi usa likes to put the cats in the microwave and usagi doesn´t like it. ~ LOL! XD That's pretty funny! ^_^; I gotta remember to do that to my kitties. . .

Diana was conceived in an asexual form because if you watch well artemis doesn´t have any sex organs. ~ That's how anime is. They show nudity without the sex parts. When the Starlights transform, you don't see their sex parts, do you? And nude Sailormoon (the last episode, I believe Sailormoon/Serenity was nude), she didn't have anything there! They don't put anything there! Not even nipples! You know why? IT"S A KID"S TV SHOW!!

Alex and Mamoru are in a love triangle with Usagi. ~ Haruka doesn't love Mamoru, but she "likes" Usagi and finds her cute, but doesn't really "love" her. Mamoru and Usagi are a pair since the end of Sailor Moon OVA.

When Rei runs out of stuff to burn in the Sacred Fire, she tosses in her Grandpa. ~ Woohoo! Hino Ojiisan, Granpa on Fire! A pun, yes?

Hillary and Abigail have a love affair. ~ Hillary and Abigail?! Unholy SH*T!! Are those supposed to be names for Haruka and Michiru? Or Setsuna and Hotaru? Or Haruka and Setsuna/Hotaru? Or Michiru and Setsuna/Hotaru? Or something like that? Is that suppose to be fandub names for the Starlights? Like their "princess names" or soemthing? WTF?! @_@

Kakyuu is Usagi’s mother, who is ChibiChibi’s sister and Chibi-Usa’s aunt. ~ Does this mean that Chibi Chibi is Chibi Usa's mother and Chibi Usa and Usagi are cousins?

Michiru was born with black hair, bleached it and dyed it aqua, cause everyone knows that aqua is not a normal hair color. ~ Of corse it isn't, but you see, in anime, characters can fly, turn into super heros, use magic, die and come back to live, live on the moon/planets, and fight evil demons and monsters, so aqua could very well be a natural hair color for someone in anime. But you know what? Michiru's hair "isn't" aqua, you know why? Because it's MARINE BLUE!! ^_^

Chibi Usa wears a wig. ~ She's really bald.

Makoto is a slut because everyone looks like her old sempai. ~ Or maybe she just had a lot of boyfriends? She "is" a very pretty girl. . . Just like all the other Sailor Senshi. @_@

Chibi Chibi has a kitty named Sakura. ~ . . . who sings "Hora, Catch you! Catch you! Catch me! Catch me! Matte!" :D

The only reason Michiru and Haruka are partners is because green and light brown look good together. ~ Or MAYBE it's because Michiru became a Sailor solder when her henshin wand/stick/pen appeared and she transformed into Sailor Neptune, then went to find other Sailor Senshi, Sailor Uranus, Haruka, and Haruka's henshin wand/stick/pen appeared to her and Sailor Neptune appeared and warned her that if Haruka touched it she wouldn't be able to live a normal life, and Sailor Neptune battled a monster of some kind, and Haruka decided to become a Sailor solder. And maybe, it was Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune's duties to find the pure heart crystals that contained the three talismans, and combine the talismans so they could form the Holy Grail. And maybe /still/, they also had to find the messiah that looked like a butterfly (geeh, maybe Sailormoon?) and they might have to give the messiah the Holy Grail so the messiah could become, well, the messiah, which looks like a butterfly! . . . But that's just an educated guess, being that that's what the two outers say their mission is and that Sailormoon uses the Holy Grail to become Super Sailormoon. But ya never know! It /might/ be Pioneer trying to fool you!

Sailorsaturn's famed attack, Death Reborn Revolution, is actually an attack used in the doujinshi by Naoko Takeuchi, but so many people liked it that it became a staple in fanfiction and the like. ~ So, it was in the doujinshi, but not in the manga, not in the anime, but in the fanfiction? Makes sense to me! :D

Sailorpluto was the only senshi not to be killed during the Silver Millennium. She knew the attack was coming, as she knows almost everything before it happens, but before she could warn the Moon Kingdom, the attack began, and she could only save herself to make sure the Time Gate was well guarded over the next thousand years. ~ . . . which is why you can /just/ notice Sailor Pluto being sent to be reborn a thousand years in the future, with all the other Sailor senshi (even though you can't see, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Saturn were most likely there are well).

Alex [Amara/Haruka's name in the fandub] is a boy that turns into a woman when transforming! In the dub [Pioneer dub series Sailor Moon S], Alex's name is "Amara" and he's turned into a girl! They must not have wanted to have a male go female, which messes EVERYTHING up between Alex and Michele, because they used to be lovers and date and "do stuff", but NOW there "COUSINS"!!! They had to edit all the times Alex and Michele kissed now because fo this!! [When was this?] NOW I'm never going to see them kissing in the Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune special!! [The one when they meet? or the puppet one? And when did they kiss?] Although, its not all "that" bad. Michele has her original name [Michiru?], and "AMARA" and Michele hold hands sometimes in the show, but "AMARA" is WAY to tense and is ALWAYS talking about the three things they need to find, and the person that can use them [Yeah, the three thingys and the lady with the butterfly wings.]. In the original they didn't do this! [They didn't do what?] And Susan [Trista/Setsuna in the fandub] appears as Sailor Pluto in the episode Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune look there heart crystals, and she was really Alex's ex-girlfriend. [She was?] However, like ALOT of things, this was changed and Susan, who's "TRISTEN" in the dub [Oh, so sorry, "TRISTEN", not Trista. . .], but in the dub, "TRISTEN" and "AMARA" are just friends (Pfft! Yea right!) [What? They aren't just friends?] However, Susan is a good sport and she saves Sailor Uranus's and Sailor Neptune's lives by giving them there hearts back and taking the magic crystals from them, which turn into these weird object that you would never find in a normal heart! [*laughs*] And another thing! The joke where Sailor Uranus got a sword was killed, because the joke was that when Alex transforms into Sailor Uranus, he looses his "sword", and now he has "this sword". [Okay, he lose his "sword", so now he has "this sword" to punish evil. Hmm, okay. ^_^; *is trying her best not to burst out laughing during this whole thing*] Oh, and Sailor Neptune gets a mirror, becuase she likes to look at herself in the mirror alot. Sailor Pluto doesn't have one, but takes the top of her pole thing [Staff? The Key of Time? Don't just say "pole thing". @_@!!] and uses it to make the Holy Cup [aka, the Holy Grail (I think they do call in the Holy Cup in the dub. @__@], which is REALLY just a made up name for the "Moon Cup" in the original, but they just "HAD" to change the name, didn't they? [I know how you feel. . . *cracks up*] Oh, and it turns out that Sailor Moon is the REAL keeper of the Moon Cup, oh sorry. . . I meant the "HOLY" Cup! [What?! That's the RIGHT part of the name! . . . Well. . . actually, it's the left, but. . .] So, Sailor Moon takes the "HOLY" Cup and becomes Super Sailor Moon, who looks like she has butterfly wings but doesn't, and all that is kept in from the original, except the part where Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune kiss, which is edited out. [Then again, I never /did/ watch the "ORIGINAL" first SuperSailormoon episode, now did I?]

Note: I found on a site that it's actually called the "Purity Chalice" in the NA dub. HAHAHA! Person was making fun of some name that was wrong! HAHAHA! Stupid!

[Same person] And also! Alex used to hit on Serean alot [I like the term "hit on". . .], but this was edited out for "OVIOUS" reasons! [. . . and the fact that she spelt obvious "OVIOUS"] Oh, and alot of the "Sailor Says" was cut out, which isn't that bad, but I wonder why were they there in the first place? [The law that made it so that certain channels had to broadcast educative programs, hence, the "Sailor Says"! But dut-duh-dum!!]

MINA WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE MOON PRINCESS. ~ Nope. She was pretending to be the Moon Princess so that the Dark Kingdom wouldn't go after the real Moon Princess, whoever than may be (Serena/Usagi). But yeah, originally Naoko Takeuchi-sensei was going to call the manga series "Bishoujo Senshi Seeraa V", but decided to change it the last second.

This movie was supposed to be the first appearance of Sailors Neptune and Uranus. Neptune would be in an 1000 year sleep in a place called 'End of the World.' Uranus would have had to steal the talisman from the senshi to awaken Neptune. Uranus would be riding a black pegasus. Sailor Moon would be chasing her on a white one. ~ . . . . How 'bout "no"? ya freaky Sailor Moon fan!

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