Sailor Mars

"Rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, sai, zen, akuryou taisan!"

Meet Mizuno Ami, you're everyday quiet schoolgirl that enjoys studying and gets good grades (you might even say they're perfect!) Ami attends Juuban Middle School with Usagi, where she's known to be a genius! She has the highest marks on the country exams and she's rumored to have an I.Q. of 300!

Ami is an only child, and she lives with her mother, who is a doctor. Her father is an artist and the two of them are divorced, but supposily he keeps in touch with Ami. Ami's favorite color is Aqua Blue and her favorite animals are cats (this is why she likes Luna so much!)

Rei goes out with Mamoru a bit during the first season of the anime, but they don't actually develop feelings for each other (Rei really only wanted a cool boyfriend, and too annoy Usagi).
Kumada Yuuichirou (Chad), a young man who works for her grandfather at the temple, has a crush on her. Yuuichirou has very strong feelings for Rei, and he worries about her constently. Rei doesn't pay him as much attention, but she realizes he cares deeply for her and she appreciates it. Once, he sees Rei going off with Haruka on her motorcycle, and he thinks Haruka's a boy and that he's her boyfriend. Then later, walks by the park and he sees Haruka with Michiru. Yuuichirou, thinking Haruka's cheating of Rei, becomes furious and picks a fight with Haruka, but Haruka practicly beats him without even touching him. Rei sees the fight, and Yuuichirou asks Haruka to brake up with Michiru for Rei's sake. Yuuichirou later goes to a train station to leave town, but a daimon attacks him for his pure heart, and Rei-tachi transform and defeat it. Later, Rei helps Yuuichirou walk to the temple.
In the manga she's seen as Sailor Mars in the past with Jadeite.

After the Earth is frozen over for one thousand years, Ami, along with Usagi-tachi, goes to live on the moon in Crystal Tokyo as Sailor Mercury and lives as a guardian and friend of Neo-Queen Serenity.

Name Meaning: "Mizu no Ami" is Japanese for "Friend of Water". However, people sometimes like to translate "Ami" literally as "Beautiful Asia", "mi" meaning beautiful.
NA Dub Name: Amy Anderson
French Name: Molly
Birthday: September 10, 1978
Blood Type: A
Sign: Virgo
Favorite Colors: AquaBlue
Favorite Food: Sandwiches
Least Favorite Food: Yellow-tailed Tuna
Hobby: Reading, studying
Favorite Subject: Math
Worst Subject: None
Has Trouble With: Love letters
Strong Points: Calculating
Dream: To be a doctor (like her mother)

This is Sailor Mercury, the first of the pretty sailor suited fighters to first along Sailor Moon. She isn't the most powerful (or at least not the most offensive) but her fight attack is a clever defensive attack that hides the senshi, and confuses the enemy at the same time. Even though she isn't the most flashy sailor solder, Sailor Mercury is smart and uses her mini computer to come up with tactics for the other Sailors to follow, and she's the only one of the girls to get a "Mini-Movie" Special, which is called "Ami-chan's First Love". Sailor Mercury's attacks are based on fire, and also slightly based on Shinto (her religion) and Greek mythology (Mars' Bow and Arrow). Her aura is red.

Pretty(girl) Solder Sailor Moon

Pretty(girl) Solder Sailor Moon

-Mercury Transformation Pen
-Sailor Fuku (varies with the manga)
-Mercury Visor
-Mini Computer
-Sailor Team Communicator Pad

-"Mercury Power, Make up!"

-"Shabon Spray" (sometimes called "Soap Spray"; dubbed as "Mercury Bubble Blast")
-"Mercury Power" (uses this near the very end of the first series)

Pretty(girl) Solder Sailor Moon R(omance) Arc 1

Same as last series

Same as last series

Same as last series

Romance Arc 2 (The second arc of the anime was the "Black Moon" arc in the manga)

(New) Items
-Mercury Star Stick

-"Mercury Star Power, Make up!"

-"Shine Aqua Illusion"
-"Shabon Spray Freezing" (anime only; powered up version of Shabon Spray; in the dub, they call this attack "Shine Aqua Illusion", but they're two different attacks)
-"Snow Shine Illusion" (manga only; perhaps a manga version of Shabon Spray Freezing)
-"Mercury Star Power" (uses this move the near of the end of series; also in the Sailor Moon R Movie)

Pretty(girl) Solder Sailor Moon S(uper) (called the "Infinity" arc in the manga)

(New) Items
-Pure Heart Crystal

-"Mercury Planet Power, Make up!" (manga only; she first transforms with this phrase after Sailor Moon became SuperSailor Moon with the Holy Grail)

-In the anime, "Shabon Spray Freezing" is nolonger used; however, "Shine Aqua Illusion" is used continuely
-"Mercury Aqua Mirage" (manga only; Sailor Mercury gains this attack when she uses "Mercury Planet Power, Make up!"; this attack is also seen in the anime special "Ami-chan's First Love", which takes place during Sailor Moon SuperS)
-"Mercury Star Power" (anime only; during the second to last episode of the series, Mercury uses her power along with the other inner senshi, plus Uranus and Neptune, to transform Sailor Moon into SuperSailor Moon, after Pharaoh 90 took the Holy Grail from Mistress 9, who [Hotaru] transformed into Sailor Saturn; noone says anything while they give Sailor Moon their power)

Pretty(girl) Solder Sailor Moon SuperS (called the "Dream" arc in the manga)

(New) Items
-Mercury Crystal Wand (anime only)
-Mercury Crystal (manga only)
-SuperSailor Fuku (varies slightly with the manga; not to be confused with the Moon SuperSailor Fuku :3)
-Mercury Lyre (Harp)
-Dream Mirror

-"Mercury Crystal Power, Make up!"

-"Mercury Aqua Rhapsody"

Pretty(girl) Solder Sailor Moon SailorStars (Arc 1)

Same as last series

Same as last series
-Ami has a special transformation to become SuperSailor Mercury during her special "Ami-chan's First Love", which takes place during Sailor Moon SuperS

Same as last series
-"Mercury Aqua Mirage" (SuperSailor Mercury uses it in her special "Ami-chan's First Love"; this attack is also used in the manga, during the previous series, Pretty(girl) Solder Sailor Moon: Infinity as Sailor Mercury)

Pretty(girl) Solder Sailor Moon SailorStars (Arc 2)

(New) Items
-Sailor Star Fuku (manga only)
-Galaxia's Braclets (manga only)
-Sailor Crystal (anime only; in the manga, it's the "Mercury Crystal" which she also uses to transform; the "Mercury Crystal", however, is a Sailor Crystal)

-"Mercury Crystal Power, Make up!" (Ami also uses this phrase to transform into StarSailor Mercury later on in the manga)

Same as last series
-In the manga, StarSailor Mercury dies and becomes Evil StarSailor/Galatica Sailor Mercury, and her attack is "Mercury Aqua Rhapsody"

Here are all of Ami's forms throughout Bishoujo Senshi Seeraa Muun.

About 1000AD 1992-1998AD About 3000AD About 4000AD
Age The Silver Millenium The (Renewed) Silver Millenium Crystal Tokyo Sailor Wars
Rule Queen Selenity's Usagi's/Sailor Moon's/Noone's Neo-Queen Serenity's N/A
Form Princess Mars Hino Rei N/A (Queen Mars?) N/A
Sailor Solder Form Sailor Mars Sailor Mars, SuperSailor Mars,
StarSailor Mars
Sailor Mars (StarSailor Mars?) N/A