Your Guardian Angel is Darkness!

Your guardian angel is Nemuru Juu, the tenshi of darkness, thus known as "Dark" or "Darkness". Although he is the tenshi of darkness, he isn't evil. In fact, Darkness is also the tenshi of night and moons, and shadows formed by objects blocking light. Darkness walks hand and hand with Light.

Although you do have some friends, you're more of a loner and like to keep to yourself. You enjoy the arts and you like to read. You wouldn't mind having someone read with you, as long as they were quiet.

The tenshi of darkness has a dark red soul and flies on black wings.

Also, if you're guardian angel is Darkness, you'll like this picture, cause it looks like blood. :P Actually, it's part of a picture from the sunset over a body of water.

Sorry, quizilla couldn't hold the pictures for Light and Darkness (they're both 53KB or something), but here's the piccy! Yay for you! Cut and paste it into your LJ, DJ, IJ, or whatever, or you could just put it on you're site or save it to your desktop. ^.^