Your Guardian Angel is Light!

Your guardian angel is Aisofu Nikan, the tenshi of light, thus known as "Light". The tenshi of light represents good, day, and the sun and stars. He also represents hope, fate, and is the light at the end of the tunnel. Light walks hand and hand with Darkness.

If your guardian is Light, you are a very happy person. Not the brightest crayon in the box, you still like to learn and come up with ideas, though you normally discover later that they don't work. You're a person who normally stays in the moment, enjoying what life have to offer in the here and now.

The tenshi of light has a light blue soul and flies on white wings.

Also, if you're guardian angel is Light, you'll be wondering how that piccy was made. Well, first I took a pic from off the internet, and selected certian areas with that box thingy for cut! ^o^ Then, I used "ctrl+I" and "BOOM!" there it was! ^O^ Well, actually, it's much more complexed than that, but... *rambles*

Oops, I'm rambling.

Sorry, quizilla couldn't hold the pictures for Light and Darkness (they're both 53KB or something), but here's the piccy! Yay for you! Cut and paste it into your LJ, DJ, IJ, or whatever, or you could just put it on you're site or save it to your desktop. ^.^