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These are the websites on my favorites/that I've got bookmarked.

Please note: I've got A LOT more favorites that I've got to put up, but I'm busy being lazy and writing fanfics and I have to run around with little kids during Tae Kwon Do camp all day during the week. They're so cute, but I get tired. ;_;

Fairy*Tales - http://www.geocities.com/char_link_17/wind.html
This is a cute Zelda site and the webmaster is an amazing artist! (The pictures are so pretty!) The layout is really pretty and it's a must see for Zelda (Link) fans.

Castle in the Sky - http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/5976/ and http://www.geocities.com/castleinthesky
A Sailormoon site, it's huge! It's one of the first Sailormoon sites I've ever been to (I think it's the second; SOS was the first -_-;).There's episode summaries and lots a' stuff and info too! ^_^

Dragon World Z - http://www.dragonworldz.net/newindex.shtml
This site's pretty cool. It's supposed to be a Dragonball Z site, but there's more Sailormoon there (and all kinds of anime, like Slayers and Fushigi Yuugi and Card Captor Sakura! ^_^). There's also the Cosmic Crisis quiz (Cosmic Crisis is a Dragonball Z fanfic) and there's always a CUTE picture on the front page! ^__^ Check it out!

SuperSenshi Playground - http://www.sailor-games.com/index.html
I actually have the Eye Candy page on my favorites, not the main page (I don't know why, but I'm too lazy to change in to the main page or the front door @_@). This site's got a lot cool stuff and pictures and a quiz! ^_^ And guess what! There's a program that doesn't let you steal the images, so HA! to you people that want to steal the pics, cause even I can't get passed those damn programs! ^_^ (Not that I'd steal the pictures. . . :P) Of corse, there's the pictures section and you can save the pics from there. . . There's a "Doubles" gallary of pictures that look the same in Sailormoon. And then there's the picture gallary that's HUGE!! It's cool. ^_^

Black and White - http://www.angelfire.com/anime4/yaoifanfiction/index.html
YAOI! ^_^ It's a Vegeta and Goku yaoi site. It's pretty new, but it's cool. Before you click either button you sure know these two things: 1) both pages will take up the whole screen (I mean they're REALLY BIG), and 2) the Valentine's Day Special page is so pretty! (and there's a nice piccy on the front page ^_^) There's fics and pics. Enjoy! ^_^ Oh, it's important you know that yaoi means male/male relationships. @_@

Link and Pikachuu Fan Site - http://setsu.vis.ne.jp/
This is a Japanese site and you'll have to have Japanese encoding to view it properly. The art is cute! ^_^

MegaTokyo - http://www.megatokyo.com/
I actually have it on my favorites as the "episode" I'm on so I don't see things by mistake while trying to find out where I am in the doujinshi (I don't check back all the time). It's the doujinshi that's taking the world (or at least American anime/manga fans) by storm! The Adventures of Piro and Largo! (aka MegaTokyo) Check it out, and don't forgot to bring b33r, weapons to protect yourself from the 3vil, and remember to PH34r Largo's l33t pow3r.

Learn Japanese (Nihongo [w]o Narau) - http://www.learn-japanese.info/
The site where I go for learning Japanese and stuff. It's pretty good for beginers. By the way, Nihon means Japanese, the "go" makes it the Japanese language, o (pronounced "wo" and written as "wo" most of the time in romaji (letters) is a particle, and Narau means "to learn", so directly translated it's "Japanese (language) Learn", but it's switched around because that's how Japanese is, so it's "Learn Japanese (language)". Man I'm good. . .

Oo. journey .oO - http://www.tenshigirl.com/mirei/
Cute Japanese Pocket Monsters site. (Po-kke-tto Mo-n-su-ta-a-zu! ^_^) It's in kana and kanji so you'll need Japanese encoding to see the writing. The pictures are cute! ^_^

Rai Truth's Website - http://www.interq.or.jp/www-user/yoppa/sikisi.htm
Rai Truth is an amazing artist and a Sailormoon fan! There's all kinds of beautiful pictures (and there's another anime but I can't identify it, and there's random anime pictures). There's also some yuri pics, just to warn you. The site's cute! ^_^ You'll need encoding for this site, too.

Temple O' Trunks - http://www.templeotrunks.com/
ToT is a Dragonball Z (TRUNKS) fansite and you should have already heard about it if you're a DBZ (TRUNKS) fan. They've got images, fanfics, humor. . . Check out the humor section, it's great. The Trunks Feature Films are halarious!

Delinquent Senshi Adoption/Detention Center - http://www.geocities.com/marsdragon.geo/Senshi/A1.html
This site's interesting. I found it a while back when I did a search on "Sailor Evil" (which is another name for Sailor Princess Evil, Princess Evil's alter ego) and this site popped up! It's small but cute. Check it out!

The Sailor Senshi Page - http://eternalsailormoon.org/
If you're a big Sailormoon fan, you should know about this site. They've got almost everything (I can't think of what they don't have at the moment. . . Sailormoon never says?). There's the all too [in]famous "Stupid Sailormoon Rumors" page[s] (there's 11) which I stole the idea from, but I give them the credit. I didn't steal the comments; the comments on this site are my own; and I stole a few of the rumors (Yes, a few! I actually DID do SOME work! Damn you!). This site's REALLY good! Check it out!

Also, check out Pure Heart, the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S (Infinity) fanlisting. I think it's self explanatory.

Animelyrics - http://www.animelyrics.com

This is a site with the lyrics of a LOT of anime programs! @_@ I'm jess391847 at the forum and everyone there is insane or obsessed and everything's upsidedown (at the forum, that is; the rest of the site is fine :P). GO THERE NOW!!!

Shoujo-ai - http://www.shoujoai.com
This is a shoujo ai/yuri site and there's H and lemons, so don't got there unless you're 18 or older, or if you want to brake the rules and look at the pretty girls when mom and dad aren't looking! ^.~ By the way, shoujo means "girl" and ai means "love", so this is girl/girl relationships. Be warned, H stands for porn. Lemons are love stories with sex and limes are stories with PG-13 rated things or minor sex.

New Vegeta - http://www.angelfire.com/super2/jess391847/index.html
This isn't actually on my favorites, but I'll put it here anyway. It's my Dragonball Z fansite. I own Dragonball FF and DBHD dammit! (Don't ask, I don't even think I put what they were on the site.) There's a store and you can by stuff. There's also a Midi's and Pictures page that you've got to look out for cause it might freeze you're computer (if it's crappy like mine, that is. . .) and there's NO pictures in the Midi's and Pictures section yet, but I'll put them up sooner or later.

**Simply Twisted**

This is a Team Rocket fansite. It's also a wrongshipping site. My friend just e-mailed this too me so that's why it's on the bottom of the page, but I just had to put this up! ^_^ It's so silly! Pwahahahaha!!! Check it out if you're a WrongRocketshipper!

Bishounen For Keeps

This is a site were you can. . . adopt bishounen! Yay! ^o^ Most of the good ones were taken. ;.; 'Cept Trowa! ^o^ (I want to adopt a Kurama! ToT

Sukatto's Domain -- DragonBall Z

This isn't actually on my favorites, but it's a friend's site, and it's cool! Oh, yes, aaaaand. . . it's a DBZ site. *sigh* I'm obsessed with DBZ, okay?! *sigh* I got to get back to doing the Sailor Moon things on the site now. *sigh* Ah, poo. ;_; Anywho, go to his site! It's coolies! *_*

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