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You people really $uk as evil minions. The webmistress' computer $ux, the fanfic and image person's a lazy @$$, and all Lovely does is make pretty colors by scrolling. Come on, people, this is angelfire! It's not that hard to run a site on angelfire! What, I actually have to work?!

Since Jess's computer $ux, I'm doing her a favor by linking all the right pages together. Lovely's started changing backround colors, but does't have any idea what Jess is doing, so can't really do much. Veshra claims to have a life. The Sailor Soldier profiles need to be finished, and I have to put up the Sailor Otaku profiles. The guestbook $ux and the forum $ux. We have no fanfiction. Send them to Jess at, or to Veshra at, probably your best bet being that Jess can't get on her computer, much less her internet. Oh, and send lyrics too. And cookies.

        Ciao ~ Princess Evil
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