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*slaps you* Come on! I know you can figure out what this page is about all by your-pretty-little-self! COME ON!! (Uh. . . funny stuff?) There ya go! Funny stuff! What a smart. . . person you are! You're so smart, you're probably a genius. Or a nerd. Or most likely an otaku. Yep, probably an anime otaku. :/ Maybe you're a FF otaku, cause there's a damn lot of them running around the forums lately. Or maybe you're a Legend of Zelda otaku. Or maybe you're one of those dreadful Star Wars or Star Trek or Power Rangers otaku's that dress up as them for convensions and spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for a pink ranger/Kimberly doll from the first series or a green ranger/Tommy doll from the second series. . . .

But now we're getting off topic. This is the funny stuffs. And fun stuffs. Basically there's enough stuff to keep you entertained for a day or more, depending on what you check out on the site, but in the humor section, there's not too much. @_@!! Check out my fan fiction. I know it's all Dragon Ball Z (and VERY adult), but the stuff's funny as f*ck, so check it out.

Also, go to the Stupid Sailor Moon Rumors page and have some fun there. (WARNING: I am extremely sarcastic, but some of the stuff in there is true, too, so you kinda hafta know Sailor Moon pretty well, m'kay?)

Then, you can take my quizzes at It's funny, and it's short, and it's cute. ^_^

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