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Welcome to the Win XP PRO

Resource Center

The intent of this group is to provide a place where friendly people can seek answers to questions they have regarding the installation and use of Microsoft's operating system called XP Professional.

This group can also provide a place where people can share their secrets
and favorite URL locations pointing to new drivers, patches, fixes, and new discoveries and ideas.

Although Windows XP comes in two flavors, Home, and Professional. This group centers on the Professional flavor and all references within to 'XP' will assume that you are referring to the Professional model.

ZoneAlarm is an excellent personal free firewall that works under XP, is available at Zonelabs, and is highly recommended.

Members of this group can post freely. Your ideas, comments, questions, and inquiries are welcomed.

Joining this group just to promote some product, your own group, or if you join, post some message or link to somewhere then immediately leave the group will not be tolerated.

Taglines at the end of posts that advertise other groups are discouraged.

If you upload any files, links or post any messages that are not related to the Windows O/S or other software you will be banned. This also includes any sexually suggestive or commercial items.

The advertising of job openings or jobs wanted in this group is strictly forbidden!

Thanks and enjoy!!!

Rick, Group owner

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