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vol . 1 , We are a No Shields Founded clan on XBC.
but also play Shields, or as you all like to call it MLG.
.....Join us on XBC on any of these rooms with the names: DropZONE, Revenga, Lin Kuei, or CHE.
I am not 100% sure but i believe we are not taking in any more members for the time being just so you all know.
for the time being please Register at our forums for news and SPAM on anyting \\// (()) ||_ "||
Also if joining our rooms please make sure u have a MIC for better gaming.
PLEASE feel free to visit the Videos section of our site since i am working on making it bigger with even funnier crap to watch PLEASE visit OUR FORUMS thanks.


  Rita is a bitch.

U know why they name hurricanes after women because when they first get here ther all wet and wild but when they leave they take your house.

by. Rookie



4 LIFE!!


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Xbox 360 Price set

Well here is what the software giant has said:

Xbox 360 with one wired controller will cost $299. If you are like me, that isnt enough. Fully loaded, the Xbox 360 comes with a 20 gig HD, wireless controller, headset and tv remote control for $399.

Now, lets add in 3 more controllers and 4 games. Looks like my perdiction months ago of $700 will be pretty close. Now, before you choke on your coffee, remember the PS3 is reported to be even more expensive. Better start saving now!









Stay tuned for August 17th

"We've heard from analysts, pundits, and fanboys. Now, it seems, we are close to getting the true story. Our sources say that Microsoft is getting ready to announce the launch date and the price of the Xbox 360 on August 17 at 9:30 A.M. EST sharp. The spokespeople at Microsoft have no comment on this rumor, but that's hardly a surprise.

Previously, a number of websites reported that Wal-Mart had leaked the price of the next-gen console, saying that employees apparently had seen internal documents listing it for $299. This rumor was never confirmed, either. A call to Wal-Mart revealed only that customer service staff was trained to say that the price had not yet been determined. But plenty of analysts agreed, at least, with the price range of $299 to $349, and J Allard himself has said it would not reach as high as the early reports of $400.

As for the rumor that the HDD will not come standard with the console, industry analyst Piper Jaffray McNealy wrote in a report last week that he predicted a price of $299, but "with the 20-gig hard drive selling as a peripheral for somewhere in the range of $60-$99."

That's along the lines of our speculation, too. We predict that Microsoft will actually announce two prices next week: the Xbox 360 itself without the stand-alone hard drive will retail for $299; bundled with the drive, the package will be priced between $349-399. We also think the drive will be available separately for those consumers who bought the option one package and seek to upgrade. As for the launch date, everyone pretty much agrees that it will be November, pre-Thanksgiving.

We may find out for sure August 17. Stay tuned."
























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