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(10/20/03) Oct. 20, 2003 - Welcome to the Moonlight Services Website. Dont be fooled just by our guild name, we are a group of adventurers, crafters, and treasure hunters bringing the people of catskills quality items, and crafted quality merchandise. We will try to hold as many different types of events as we can and always serve the people of catskills when in need. Please if you wish to talk to me or the Co-Owner John, ICQ me at 308834640 and I'll try to help you out or refer you to him.

- Drake II (Founder) -



Drake II

Main Skills:
Elder Tailor, Elder Smith, GM Tink

Favorite Towns:
Britain, Trinsic, and Luna

Main Goals:
Bring merchandise to be proud of to Catskills



Guild Rules
Guild Roster
Guild Bases
Guild Events