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John Lithium : The Mysterious Stranger

John Lithium and Crumbling Wall Records presents : The Mysterious Stranger. Released on (INSERT DATE HERE), this album can be downloaded for free here (INSERT DOWNLOAD/ARCHIVE.ORG LINK HERE). For more information, please visit John Lithium's website ( and the CRUMBLING WALL RECORDS website (

Darkened ambience which possesses a foreboding and brooding quality, "The Mysterious Stranger" is equally inspired by the ambient masters, personal experiences, emotional conditions, and the outside environment. To claim that this music is not 'cheerful' would be a vast understatement: these tracks form an internal monologue with the listener, projecting the ambience of a bleak and often senseless reality.

"The Mysterious Stranger" is the result of two years of turmoil, joy, sadness, and pleasure, made possible with my remaining friends and the incredible number of highly talented musicians, artists, and philosophers I have met. You all have my grateful and sincere thanks.

Despair Holds These Forms

Enter : A Soul Of Corrupted Darkness
Encounter : No Easy Choices Or Answers
Observe : The Curse Of The Mundane
Banishment : Into The Wild
Disillusion : Mora Mesmerism
The Suffering : Internal Reality
The Transition : No Safe Harbor
The Arrival : Cast Adrift
The Method : How To Achieve A Lower Level Of Consciousness
The Realization : Satori : Glimpse Of Universal Connection
The End: Please, Do Not Leave Me