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MOB is back recordin a new CD

MOB has came back together like the Wu-Tang Clan, and plan to realease a Orignal Studio Recorded Full Album, in Late December of 04' to Early to Mid Jan 05'...The First Single Will be Out, in the Upcoming weeks.. Chances of this Album getting pushed back to Feb' could happen, all depends on the Resources of Money the Group has availible. Heres Info Straight to you, about the Title of the CD and the CD Cover, The Cd will be called "Lets Revolt (Dont Take Sh%&)"..First Singles Title Also will be called "Lets Keep it Hip-Hop" and the Underground Single which was Leaked is Titled "Get Down" which will be on the CD, encompied by the Ever So Talked about Political Songs to Set the M-Town Straight, "Mush Bush" and "World Dont take me Personally".. Go out and Cop it, It will experiment with a few different Generes, Rock/Punk, RnB,and of course Hip Hop..."

-Sam Langyel

Lyrics From "Lets Keep it Hip-Hop"

Time to Erase our Past Time to Master this Craft That We Call Hip Hop not Rap Its happening from artist to Artist But were not The Greatest And im only being Modest When I say im not that Good I get Cocky only when someone Mocks me But that wont happen Cause im known to given MCs a good a Slapping Kids Know my AK lyrics be Clapping And my hands able to get Snapping Off a Mans Head Its not IRAQ and ya son wont be found dead Iím not a Terrorist But with Bush, its been Said He doesnít know how to Face this Conflict we have with the Middle East Enough of Political Talk, In hip hop we all at Ease With No Way to Decrease we implement and Increase Our Voice Strength through our Communityís Its Been the Way to Spread our Beliefs and Increase our Publics Dignities If its Hip Hop purely, itíll be Straight Music And Surely, we will all find a-way to use it Not like Some folks who abuse it Inside our Lyrics is where the Power we Hold Inside our Voices where our Powers Unfold Youíve Just been told

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