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Sonic Gems Collection Review

Sonic Gems Collection Platform: USA: GCN JPN: GCN,PS2 EUR: GCN,PS2 Rating:E Score:8.0 Sonic Gems Collection(Or Gems for short) is another collection of Sonic games. But, this is collection is focused on the lesser known games(A.K.A games that unless you are hardcore sonic fan,have never heard of.) There 3 main games, 6 Game Gear Games, and 2 Genesis ones(Which have absoulutely nothing to do with Sonic but they are still good.)A list is below. Sonic the Fighters is a basic arcade fighting game starring and friends,and 2 obscure characters. The fighting is pretty fun but Metal Sonic is extremely cheap and overpowered. You can do all the classic moves like Knuckles gliding,spindashing, and even jump attacks! The Next Game on the list is Sonic Cd the rare Sonic action game that tons of Sonic fans were demanding to be re-released and they got their wish. Sonic Cd has many elements such as a great soundtrack,Time Travel, and the first appearance of Metal Sonic and Amy,plus classic Sonic goodness! Finnaly the last of the main 3 games is Sonic R. This a racing game starring Sonic and is notable for it's crap music and the curse of the tails doll(Read about it here: The game is a mediorce that takes a bout 1-2 hours to get 100%. Definently the worst of the 3. The GG games would be a nice inclusion if they weren't already in Sonic Adventure DX, and while the Vectorman games are fun i wish they included the Streets of Rage(Bare Knuckle)games. All in all this is a great collection for a Sonic fan but maybe not to newcomers.Untill Next Time, See Ya! Note: I realise this is all clumped together but I'll fix that later.

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