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As she looks at his naked body, her mouth begins to water
and ache for his rock hard cock to fill it ,
begging for the opportunity to worship and milk
that beautiful cock until it has nothing left.
She walks toward him casually never making eye contact
glancing upward she smiles as she sees his hands
bound above his head secured tightly leaving him to her mercy.
She notices his eyes following her and the
panic that they hold. Stopping three feet
in front of him she looks into his eyes with a
evil grin on her face she walks confidently around him.
Once behind him a zipping sound fills the room.
The subject flinches in his restraints trying to twist
his neck to see. Smiling to herself she digs in her goody bag
and gives a soft giggle as she finds what she wanted
walking slowly up behind him she reaches out
n grazes her nails down his back to announce herself.
Reaching around the subject stills himself as the
black silk comes into his sight he stands silently
as she slides it up over his eyes and
fastens it behind his head. She walks slowly around him
letting her heals click and smiling in satisfaction as he
perks following her sound as she goes. She quietly
slides to her leather clad knees
in front of him and stretches her tongue out flicking
it against the tip of his dick. Amusement fills her
eyes as he gasps and jerks away in surprise.
Finally his body relaxes and she stands once again
walking away to her bag. Grabbing the smooth leather
she smilez as she pulls it out and taps it softly
against her palm. Turning on her heel she walks swiftly
back to him her heels crisply clicking as she goes.
Her subject stands erect with a smile on his face
awaiting her. Confident that he will be feeling her warmth
once again. She flops down in front of him loudly n
watches as his face lights up. Reaching out with
her left hand she grabs his throbbing cock firmly
in her hand n strokes it lightly. She takez the crop
in her right hand n places the rough leather against
the base of the cock watching the puzzled look
overtake his features. She slides it slowly down
the length of him. Flicking her wrist she cracks it
against the leather covered thighs n smirkz as his body
tightens and his jaw drops. She touches it to
the tip of his cock and laffs quietly as he jerks away.
“No” she says as she firmly grabs his cock again and
taps the harsh leather against the tip or his cock repeatedly.
Watching him squirm not quit in pain but definitely now what
he expected. She raises the crop through the air n swishes
it loudly watching him. Satisfied with his lack of
resistance she pounces slamming the cock down her throat
and pumping it wildly with her mouth. He flinches and
moans at her surprise attack so she grabs his ass roughly
and slams herself to the base of it looking up at
him as she braces herself a moment. Throat full
of cock she closes her eyes and moans softly letting
her sound tickle him. She swallows letting her
throat wrap itself around his hardness. He begins
to tremble and breath deeply. She smilez and slides
her right hand down her panties. Holding his base
firmly with her left hand she begins slamming herself
up and down his thick cock while her fingers dance around her clit.
She looses her composure and begin greedily sucking him letting her
tongue slide around his cock as it pushes past and rams
down her throat. Feeling her clit throb and her juices
start to flow she takes all of him in her throat and begins
swallowing repeatedly milking him while she moans and
her pussy explodes. She feels his body tense as he
fights for control and slides to the tip of him.
Slapping him roughly on his ass she barks at him
“Give it to me.. We both know its mine” Pouncing on him
she locks the head of his dick between her lips n begins sucking
violently pumping him fast and hard with her hand as his moaning fills the room.
He cries out as his cock explodes in her mouth.
Mmmmmm she moans as she sucks the last drop of him and
licks the salty taste from her lips. She slides her
right hand up to his lips and lets him taste her
as she uses the left to untie him. Smiling at him she
whispers “It was mine from the moment it touched my lips baby,
You just didn’t realize it”.